How can the taste of the tea be soft and fragrant?

How can the taste of the tea be soft and fragrant?

| Why cook tea?

"Brewing is not as good as cooking." Cooking tea is like stewing soup. Long-term stewing allows the inner material of the tea to be completely released, making the tea soup richer and sweetness.


| What tea is appropriate for cooking?

Tea must be selected first, and tea with a certain degree of fermentation is appropriate for cooking.

Fermented dark tea such as Pu'er cooked tea and Fu brick. Its raw material contains more leaf stalks and is full of pectin. This type of tea boils and drinks the quality of the sublimation tea, making the tea soup softer and more fragrant, with a richer aroma and a distinct layering. There is likewise a post-fermented tea, such as ancient white tea, which has a slow fermentation process. The ancient white tea is cooked and the musk is more obvious. These types of stem leave contain old tea, sweet feeling stronger.


In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned types of mature tea, orange citrus Pu-erh tea is used to cook, and it can "squeeze out" the inner substance of tea. Or when cooking tea, served with dried tangerine peel, citrus spleen qi. It is accompanied with Pu'er and Laobaicha, and has a richer taste. It is appropriate for drinking in autumn and winter.


| What to cook tea?

At present, it is more frequent to use the electric ceramic stove to cook tea, with a clay pot or a glass pot.


The use of glass jug for cooking tea can be utilized to watch the changes of tea soup. It has wide applicability. Tea lovers who have only just come into contact with boiled tea and pursue visual effects can choose this boiled tea; The pottery clay pot has better air permeability and has the effect of purifying water. The taste of the tea soup is softer and smoother. Tea friends who pursue the soup effect can use it.


| Auxiliary props: tea bag

Tea bags, usually dark tea are mostly made of brick tea and cake tea. There may be some slag in the tea, and the tea is made available for the tea bag. First of all can reduce the tea residue in the tea soup, and the second is to facilitate the cleaning of the teapot.


| Three kinds of cooking, how to choose?

Utilize brewing first and then cook it. According to the regular tea dosage of tea, dark tea is 6~8g, old white tea is about 4g, first drew four or five times, then put it into the tea bag and put it into the pot to cook. After boiling, turn the firepower down, and cook for about 10 minutes to pour out the tea soup.

Use brewing first and then cook it, this method can better grasp the tea soup. Not only can you compare the difference between soaking and cooking, but you can also drink tea while waiting for tea.


At the same time, brewed tea time can also be used as a reference for cooking tea time. The tea soup is deeper than the brewing drink. The same dark tea, and the soup color of the Fu brick brewing is partial to golden. If the soup color turns brownish when cooking, it is necessary in order to pay attention to the time. There may be cooked too long; However, by brewing soup color is biased towards thick red, and by cooking the color of the soup changed was not clear.


Direct cook tea. Report to brewing, boiled corresponding amount of investment in half, if 800ml of tea pot, dark tea 3 ~ 4g appropriate. Pour a small amount of water first, wash the tea after boiling for 5s, pour out the tea soup, and plus boiled.


Cold water sencha. If you have time, you can use cold water to Jian cha.

Different from the previous two kinds of tea injected into boiling water and then vote for tea. During sencha, pectin and sugar in the tea are slowly released. After the tea is boiling, cook for 10 minutes on low heat, then you can taste it.


The sencha tea soup is sweeter and softer, and the returning sweetness is more obvious. The aroma is more blunt than the prior two, but the nutrients in the tea are fully freed.

| Artifice for cooking tea

When pouring the tea soup, you can leave 1/3 of the tea soup in the teapot, and then continue to cook the next pot, so that will make the concentration of the tea soup even and avoid the taste of the next pot of tea soup is lighter.


Pay attention to the cook tea time, avoid the tea time is too long and lead to bitter. After the principal tea soup is poured out, you can cook it twice more and gradually extend in cook tea time. When the soup is darker, you can pour some tea soup into the cup to taste whether palatable.


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