Pu'er tea soup sense refers to what is it?

Pu'er tea soup sense refers to what is it?

“Tang Gan” is an important feeling in the process of drinking Pu'er tea.

For Xiao Bai the first drink Pu'er, the “Tang Gan” is often easily overlooked.


And when we are drinking tea, the environment is different from the mood when drinking tea, and it will also have an impact on the taste experience of the tea soup. There will also be some deviations in the experience of the tanggan obtained.


One of soup sense: Experience the method of viscosity

Tea lovers have seen babies who have not yet had teeth. When they eat, they squirm their upper and lower lips and use the gums to touch the food to facilitate swallowing. Because there is no tooth, small babies are extremely delicate on the consistency and hardness of food.


When we are drinking tea, we can use a similar action to perceive a kind of viscosity of the tanggan through the movement of the upper and lower jaws and the tongue.


Second of soup sense: Experience method of softness

Put the tea soup in the mouth, start the countdown, and swallow the tea soup after two or three seconds.


Typically an inlet immediately produce bitter taste it shows poor softness of the tea;  Shows a bitter taste slowly after the tea soup is swallowed, so the tea soup is very soft.


Third of soup sense: Experience the method slipperiness

Very slippery tea soup can often produce the feeling of “drinking chicken soup”, but it is still impossible to achieve the same oily feel as chicken soup, especially the new tea, the degree of lubrication is difficult to remember.


The moment when a very lubricated tea soup is swallowed, will leave a feeling of adhesion to the oil film in the mouth and deep in the throat. The intensity of this feeling is more easily people experience and produce memories than the smoothness of the tea soup.


Fourth of soup sense: Experience the method thickness

The thickness is the most easy to mix with the softness and bitterness. We often hear people describe him a drink the tea very thick, in fact, that after tea to drink down in the mouth and left for long periods of the tongue surface A strong, full feeling.

This feeling is easy to experience when the tea soup flows, so the flow of the tea soup up and down in the mouth will make this feeling clearer.


For the sense of soup, the judgment on tea is easy, but objective evaluation and memory are more difficult. Focused and repeated practice will enable us to finally obtain an objective recognition ability.



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