When is the best time to pour out the tea soup?

When is the best time to pour out the tea soup?


To brew a pot of good tea, it is critical to pour out the soup time, which affects the taste of a cup of tea. And many tea friends don't know how long it takes for a brewed tea to pour out the tea soup, which makes the taste of the brewing sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Green tea: pour out the first tea soup in 12 seconds

Green tea is unfermented tea. Most of the nutrients of fresh leaves are preserved in tea. When brewing, the water temperature should not be too high, and the brewing time should not be too long, otherwise the active substances in the tea will be destroyed.

In addition, the dry tea of green tea is divided into several types:

  1. Curled type

Biluochun is a typical curly tea. Because the dry tea is tightly wrapped together, the first bubble needs more time to infiltrate than other green teas, let the tea stretch, the first brewing time is recommended for 15 seconds; the second brewing time 20 seconds; the third brewing time is 30 seconds, the water temperature can also be increased by 5 ° C to 95 ° C; the fourth brewing time is 40 seconds, the water temperature can be 100 ° C.

  1. Semi-curled type

A lot of semi-curled green tea, the first brewing time is recommended for 10 seconds is enough; the second brewing time is 20 seconds; the third brewing time is 30 seconds, the water temperature can also be raised by 5 ° C to 95 ° C; The brewing time is 40 seconds, and the water temperature can be 100 °C.

  1. Non-crimp type

Longjing and Maofeng are both representative of non-crimp green tea, and the bubble method is the same as the semi-curl type.


Yellow tea: pour out the first tea soup within 15 seconds

Yellow tea is a slightly fermented tea, which is similar to the characteristics of green tea. When brewing, it is only a little longer than the green tea brewing time for two or three seconds.


Black tea: pour out the first tea soup in 10 seconds

Black tea, under normal circumstances, the soaking time does not need to be too long, the first few bubbles within ten seconds can be soup, if the time is too long, it is easy to cause tea soup bitter, based on this principle, and then according to their taste preferences and actual Situation, do some fine-tuning.


Big Leaf Black Tea & Small Black Tea

Dianhong is the representative of big leaf black tea, Qimenhong is the representative of lapsang souchong black tea, their brewing method is the same: the ratio of tea is 1:30, usually brewing 5 bubbles, the first four brewing are 95 ° C water temperature It is good to pour out the soup in about 10 seconds. The temperature and soaking time of the fifth brewing water are slightly increased and the water temperature of 100 ° C is poured out for 15 seconds.


White tea: pour out the first tea soup in 10 seconds

White tea has new tea and aged tea:

  1. New white tea

The new white tea is brewed use gaiwan, usually only 5 times for brewing. The first 3 times of brewing for 10 seconds pour out the soup, and the 4th and 5th brews are different. The 4th thorn brewing needs to be soaked at 100 ° C water temperature for 20 seconds to the tea soup, and the 5th brewing needs 100 ° C water temperature soak for 30 seconds to pour out the tea soup.

  1. Old white tea

Although the aged white tea has been aged, it can't be soaked for too long!

If it is an aged white tea cake, on the basis of the new white tea, from the second brewing, each time the brewing is properly extended for 3-5 seconds, the soup can be poured out.

If it is old white tea, because the aging is for many years, the content of the substance is more abundant, and the time for pouring out the soup is even faster. Otherwise, the tea soup will also be bitter.


Oolong: Pour out the first tea soup in 10 seconds

Because the production of oolong tea is very focused on Zuo Qing, the tea-flavored tea fragrance is released quickly, so the time for the first brewing can not be too long.

Oolong tea is divided into non-spherical (various single bundles) and spherical ("Tie Guanyin" and the like).

  1. Non-spherical

Non-spherical first bubble, 5 seconds out of soup, 2-4 bubbles, 10 seconds out of soup, 5-7 bubbles, 20 seconds out of soup, 8, 9 bubbles 40 seconds out of soup.

  1. Ball type

The ball-shaped oolong is wrapped up because it is tighter. So the first bubble takes 10 seconds to infiltrate, starting with the second bubble, the same as the non-spherical shape!


Dark tea: pour out the first tea soup in 20 seconds

Compared with other teas, dark tea is also more resistant to brewing, and the first bubble is 20 seconds. (Remember to wash tea first!) The raw materials of dark tea are relatively old. After fermentation, the soluble matter in the tea leaves is slower, and dark tea is mostly pressed tea cake or tea brick. So the tea leaves takes a certain time and stretch out it.

If you cook dark tea, you can cook it three times. The ratio of tea to water is 1:80 to 1:100, and the time for brewing tea is no more than 3 minutes.

Tea friends can refer to it. After all, in the actual brewing process, it is rare to calculate the time according to the stopwatch to brewed tea. However, after a long period of exploration, I believe that everyone will be able to make a true taste of their own brew good tea.


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