When we drink rock tea, what we're drinking?

When we drink rock tea, what we're drinking?

Wuyi rock tea has the scent of green teablack tea, diethylene glycol the best of China's oolong tea. Wuyi rock of half the oolong tea, the method that make fermented between green tea and black tea between.

Wuyi Rock Tea: mellow than green tea, intense than black tea. Compared with Tieguanyin, it has more "bitterness".

Tasting rock tea, the most important thing is to drink its yanyun and drink its "rock bone flower fragrance".


Where does the flower rock bone fragrance come from?

Wuyi Rock Tea seems to carry the silence from the empty valley of Wuyi Mountain, let people taste the unique bitterness and charm.


When describing the quality of a rock tea, we often use the "rock bone flower fragrance" to express it - the characteristics of rock rhyme, have a sense of bone, and floral fragrance.


Rock tea must have the "rock bone flower fragrance", it must meet the following basic conditions:

  1. Positive Hill Field
  1. Good raw materials
  1. Good craftsmanship


Only by combining the unique water and soil environment of Wuyi Mountain with the traditional craftsmanship of Wuyi Rock Tea can it achieve its "rock bone flower fragrance".


Comprehensive characteristics: fragrant, clear, gan, huo

Incense, referring to its pure Xin Rui lasting and elegant tea fragrance.

It smells like a fruity fragrance and flower fragrance, and it is penetrating and has a baking scent, but the fire incense does not cover the tea scent.

It is rich in natural flavor, distinctive regional characteristics.


Clear, that is, the tea soup is clear and bright, not turbid and free of impurities.

It looks thick and deep, but the texture of the tea soup is very clear.

The tea entrance is very mellow and will not bitter. The tea soup feels smooth and does not lock the throat, and the layering of the taste is very distinct.


Gan, referring to the sweetness of the tea soup, rhyme long-lasting. 

Huo, means that its tea gas is strong, giving people the feeling of "powerful" and able to awaken the taste buds in the mouth.


The taste of tea makes you intoxicated. Drinking a sip of tea, your mouth will be full of sweet petrous fragrance of flowers. Sipping a little, fragrance will be spilt out from your nose.


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