The aroma of Pu'er tea, do you know several?

The aroma of Pu'er tea, do you know several?


The aroma of Pu'er tea is very special, and the rich aroma type with a varied taste, which are always pleasant and full of happiness.

Lan Xiang

The green leaf scent of fresh Pu'er tea, after long-term transformation and aging, change from green leaf scent to qing scent. The Pu'er tea trees planted under the eucalyptus forest are affected by zhangxiang influence to get the conversion.


When the zhangxiang is weak and not obvious enough, and it is blended with qing scent, it is converted into orchid, which is one of the most precious scent of Pu'er tea.


Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang is the core fragrance of Pu'er tea (cooked Pu). Chen Xiang is similar to the kind of old wood furniture exudes the smell of deep fragrance, but it is more energetic and has no dull feeling. 

"Active" is the key point of Pu'er tea, and it is the core element that can be consistent throughout the Pu'er tea appreciation.

He Xiang

The young bud tea picked from the big leaf tea tree in Yunnan is fermented after proper aging and transformation. The young bud tea removes the strong green leaf fragrance, leaving a faint lotus leaf fragrance.

Zao Xiang

This aroma smells like dried dates, some wood and some sugar sweet incense rhyme, which is generally characteristic of ripe tea.

Zao Xiang is a very classic style in Pu'er cooked tea. When the sugar incense reaches a certain level, it will be can mix a similar aroma of dried dates and woody and so on.


Zhang Xiang

Zhang Xiang refers to appear at tea after a long time to save. It smells like camphor wood and has a calm and natural feeling.

Pu'er tea with the aroma of zhang, not only smooth and comfortable on the palate, tea aroma to bring the whole mouth and nasal comfort is also very very enjoyable.

Sen Xiang

Raw tea is stored in the warehouse of Hong Kong for 15-30 years and has a strong Zhang Xiang.

And ripe tea, put more than 20 years, Hong Kong warehouse, there Sen Xiang appear. And now, with mature storage technology, it has no need for so long, will be able to convert very good.


Yao Xiang

In the old tea that has been stored for a long time, there will be a scent of medicine, which is slightly close to the aroma of the Chinese herbal medicine.

In general, stored in old tea cooked dry warehouse's easier to have a drug scent.

Mu Xiang

Woody fragrance is the aroma naturally produced by tea after many years.


Longan incense

This aroma smells like dried longan, usually in the higher grade Pu'er cooked tea.

Longan incense and zao incense were similar, but often not as good as jujube fragrant mellow.


Honey incense

The tea of 2~5 years will show a certain honey fragrance, that is, the raw cake that has been fermented for a period of time will come out like this honey fragrance.


About flowers, different people have different interpretations.

From a practical point of view, there are only two kinds of tea with floral fragrance: Jingmai Tea Area and Ailao Mountain Tea. However, this tea aroma is not very rich, just a touch, especially in the new tea and Mao tea stage.


Pu'er tea tea has some delicate and subtle fragrances, which need to be carefully tasted to know the true taste of Pu'er tea.


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