Private Exclusive Custom

The difference between custom-made tea and general-purpose tea is that private or corporate-made tea has the branding of customers, with more cultural factors, individual elements and commemorative significance. If you are a tea lover, the most beautiful thing is to put time on the tea you choose elaborately , store it for a period of time, and wait for a cup of aged tea.

As a gift, custom-made tea is unique and the most suitable thing to convey feelings.

Customized tea raw materials

“Private or corporate custom tea” may seem luxurious, but it is not. Custom-made tea is purely for the pursuit of tea raw materials: quality, season, taste, ecological environment, etc., to meet customer needs to a greater extent.

Tea personality packaging

In addition to emphasizing the raw materials, region and culture of the tea itself, custom-made tea can be packed according to your own personality, simple or retro, even with your speical wishes and signature, etc.. When the tea is about to be completed, we can put a card with your expectations for family and friends inside, and pack it with special packaging paper. Or come to a painter, on the tea packaging, write a blessing, draw a few ink paintings of Danqing, a bit simple and elegant charm will come out at first glance. Or use wooden packaging, bamboo packaging, cloth bags to reflect its heavy historical flavor. Custom-made tea is exclusive to yourself.

Fewer but better

For tea lovers, the pursuit of custom-made tea is unique. In MoriMa, Pu'er tea, raw or cooked, black tea, white tea, etc., all custom-made teas are derived from high-altitude and original ecological tea trees.

 “From Tea Mountain to Tea Cup”, a period of time, a period of history. What you are drinking is not only a cup Tea but the connotation of traditional cultural.

Enjoy the top native tea with exclusive service, customize the plateau ecological tea for your friends to meet their identity, preferences, and characteristics, print your own LOGO on the tea package with your own signature or blessing. This is the most meaningful thing.

The scope of customization

A)Enterprise order: opening ceremony tea, conference tea, annual meeting tea. (Dissemination of corporate image and brand)

B) Personal order: exclusive Tibetan tea, gift tea, children's hundred days of commemorative tea, birthday commemorative tea. (Special tea for special one)

C) Wedding custom: engagement, wedding commemorative tea, wedding tea, anniversary tea. (Happy memories of a lifetime)

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