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Why us?

Tea is complex and it takes years of experience to be able to accurately advise and educate customers. Although MoriMa is a relatively new company, our involvement with tea goes back through generations to the early 1940s in China. The Tea Masters at MoriMa have many years experience in the tea industry and have an extensive and valuable knowledge of customer preferences and requirements.

How we do?

We specialise in everything to do with tea.
As tea experts we are passionate about tea quality but also fascinated to deliver tea in a beautiful manner. We are proud we can provide premium teas from origin and valuable support to our customers from advice on developing your tea service to sourcing exactly the right accessories.
We are always here supporting our customers to make sure they get the best out of our teas.

What we have?

With one of the largest selections of teas and tea products available in the mainland, MoriMa is the perfect partner when looking for a tea solution for your business.


Ivan Lin

Founder & CEO

Tea and me

Ivan Lin

In the 1960 s, in order to seek survival a lot of people in China had to leave their native place and fight for better life outside. Among these people are grandpa's several brothers, they followed some poor folks to Malaysia to make a living and separated from their family.

MoriMa Tea

Since last century in 1980, my grandpa's brothers started to try different ways to get in touch with the relatives in hometown, but always no results. Ever ever after, from some returned folk grandpa got some news of his brothers, with happiness and excitement, he immediately wrote a letter and asked the folks to transfer it to the brothers.

MoriMa Tea

At that time, communication was a big inconvenience, separated by mountains and waters, people could not make a call, let alone reunite, the only way of communication is through letters.

Minnan region produces tea, which is light and easy to carry, so tea became a very good pledge of emotional expression in the years.

Afterwards, every time when knew brothers will come back, grandpa would prepare good tea in advance and let them bring back to Malaysia. For them tea is not only a simple gift, but more of a kind of hometown taste, an expression of missing. We call this kind of homesick taste "ancient taste"!

With the time flying and years passing by, the health of grandpa's brothers is not good as before. People say, the old you are, the more homesickness will have, but at the same time, more inconvenience to return to hometown. Fortunately grandpa and his brothers still can extend greetings to each other by phone calls.

Thirty years have gone by in the blink of an eye, I have grown up. Whenever I recall my grandpa and his brothers parted with reluctance, I saw the helplessness on their face and was deeply touched.

A cup of tea, an expression of family love, tea is blended with love and relieve the homesickness. One day, if I can take tea as my career and let the overseas Chinese who drifted away can drink a cup of good tea from hometown, if the tea lovers in the world can take real good Chinese tea from me, wouldn't it be a great thing?!

MoriMa Tea

Born in the tea mountain, elders are tea farmers, accompanied with tea for so many years, I deeply know that tea is not only a leaf, it is the condensation of the taste of time, it shows a healthy lifestyle.

I thought that this is what life is all about, go out and work in the morning, come back and rest in the night, shuttle back and forth in the busy city, struggle for the ideal and livelihoods, dare not stop footstep even get tired. Until one day I look at the tea in the cup, it constantly changes in the water, the movement and peace looks absolutely like a whole of life.

MoriMa Tea

In my passed years, most of the time is connected by tea. Tea has become the axis of my life, matters big or small, feelings happy or sad, all those things seem like in yesterday.

Life itself is an interesting play, when I think back to the past life, not only hard work, more is harvest.

Now, I am still doing what I like and love, at the same time I inherit and carry forward the parents’ lifelong love of tea making. Tasting the charm of Chinese tea and sharing tea culture with more friends from different countries, what an inner contentment and happiness.

More than one cup of tea, and the unknown matters and things behind.

MoriMa Tea


“MoriMa” means the pursuit of nature, environment, happiness and hope. Taking the brand as the guide, the channel as the foundation, we are committed to providing customers with high quality tea and services.

“Original” is our product features. Meanwhile, our mission is to promote and carry forward the Chinese excellent tea culture. We are always here supporting our customers to make sure they get what they pay.

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