Do you have any misunderstanding about that drink tea make lose weight?

Do you have any misunderstanding about that drink tea make lose weight?
There are many benefits to drinking tea, but the one that has always been the focus of attention is “slimming and fat-reducing”.
Even some people who don't have the habit of drinking tea will be very excited to hear the word, and quickly throw a bag of tea bags into the mug
I have heard friends say: drinking tea can really lose weight! When I drink tea, it is too easy to hungry. The stomach is empty, there is a sense of "burning fat at any time"! If you go on like this, you should be thinner in the summer?
So why is it easy to hungry? Really can lose weight?
♦ Drinking tea, the stomach is really "hungry" faster!
Drinking tea really easily brings hunger of the body.
Before we understand its principles, let us first understand how the feeling of hunger is produced.
Chen Ran, a registered nutritionist in China, believes that in general, our feeling of “hungry” comes from two aspects.
♦ The first one depends on whether the stomach is full of food.
When the food in the stomach is empty and the stomach wall is about to stick together, we will feel hungry. On the contrary, when the stomach is full of food and the stomach wall has a strong sense of oppression, we will feel full. 
♦ The second, from hormone regulation.
When the meal is finished, the body's blood sugar rises, and the body tells the brain that it has eaten enough through hormones, and the brain will give back the feeling of "fullness." When blood sugar is reduced to a certain level, the body tells the brain that there is a risk of hypoglycemia through hormones, so we will feel hungry. 
Tea contains tea polyphenols, caffeine and other ingredients that can act on both sources of hunger.
On the one hand, they stimulate the gastric mucosa, increase gastric acid secretion, accelerate food digestion and gastric emptying; on the other hand, they also consume blood sugar, increase metabolism, and cause the brain to produce hunger signals.
These two mechanisms are always carried out at the same time. Therefore, after drinking tea, they will be hungry faster, and it is also easier for people to have a sense of lightness. 
But what needs to be noted here is that when you feel hungry, it does not mean that you will become thinner.
When we eat three meals a day, normal intake, the intake is unchanged. Drinking tea can bring more lasting hunger. In this case, if there is no certain restraint, it is likely to eat more than usual, which is counterproductive.
♦ Scientific proof, drinking tea can lose weight
Yes, tea does have the effect of lowering fat and losing weight. The caffeine in the tea has the function of burning fat, and the tea polyphenol has the effect of inhibiting the absorption of fat, so drinking tea can better control the body weight.
In the "Tea and Health" edited by Professor Zhai Youying of Zhejiang University, the scientific research shows that the weight loss effect of oolong tea and dark tea is remarkable.
Drinking oolong tea can increase energy consumption, promote fat oxidation, reduce absorption of fat and cholesterol, reduce and delay the intestinal absorption of glucose, and have a good preventive effect on obesity and hyperlipidemia. 
In Japan, the demand for sugar-free tea beverages is very high, even exceeding the consumption of carbonated beverages. It can be found everywhere in convenience stores and vending machines.
Most of them focus on the concept of health, and some even directly use "slimming" as a selling point to attract a large number of female customers.
Similarly, the fat-reducing effect of dark tea is also more obvious. 
Long-term consumption of dark tea has a good regulation effect on blood lipids, blood sugar and hardening of the human body, can prevent cardiovascular diseases, and has a good regulation effect on body weight and body shape.
Among them, Pu'er tea can not only lose weight but also prevent weight rebound; dark tea pressing tea has good curative effect on hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia.
Dark tea is an indispensable necessities in the frontier minority areas of China. Under their high-fat, high-protein diet, dark tea is good for fattening, digesting, and vitamin supplementation, keeping people in a healthy state. 
How to drink tea to lose weight?
Tea can help digestion, give rise to hunger, but also lipid-lowering diet, effective weight control.
But "hunger" is short-lived, and "weight loss" is long-lasting.
If there is no good control over their food intake in a short hunger, but eat more, it is naturally unable to lose weight. Similarly, drinking tea is a habit that needs to be maintained for a long time. It is just drunk several times so that does not have a significant effect.
Of course, you must not be too "superstitious" or even extreme in order to lose weight. After all, tea is not a medicine.
Although hunger can bring some psychological comfort, but try not to drink tea within an hour on an empty stomach or after a meal, which will increase the burden on the stomach; tea should not be too thick, a cup of strong tea, not only bad taste, but also It may speed up your heart rate and create an uncomfortable feeling. 
When we look objectively tea for "slimming" effect, in order to better enjoy the tea, enjoy yourself.


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when is best time to drink tea ?
ive been drinking tea 30min after meals.
ideally when is best time to drink tea to loose weight and have health benefits ?

October 23, 2019 at 17:30pm

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