Why is the tea you brewing so bitter and astringent?

Why is the tea you brewing so bitter and astringent?

In the impression of many people, tea is bitter and not good to drink. Or, the same is tea, why is it good taste to drink tea in the shop? You are brewing at home but not having that taste? Many people, have not to the taste of the tea rich taste that gave it up, really a pity. In fact, it is not difficult to brew a cup of tea that is not bitter and astringent. Newcomers just need to grasp the two aspects of tea and water.


Tea, pay attention to two aspects of tea quality and put the amount of tea:


There are six categories in tea, each with its own characteristics. In the six types of tea, the green tea, white tea, yellow tea and black tea are relatively well controlled at the water temperature, and the problem of bitterness in the tea soup can be easily avoided.

Correspondingly, put the amount of tea depends on the tea set. The tea friends who just started to learn to drink tea are not suitable for tea with higher concentration. When brewing green tea, white tea, yellow tea, black tea, it is advisable to add 3g of tea.


Water is related to the performance of tea soup, there are two aspects: water temperature, tea soaking time in water.


The water temperature of the tea plays an important role in the overflow of the water-soluble substance of the tea and the exertion of the aroma. The water temperature directly affects the quality of the tea soup, affecting the performance of the tea, and the control of the bitter taste.

High and low temperature, it will affect the play of the tea, and then reflected on the palate. For example, green tea is brewed with too high temperature water, and the fresh feeling of tea soup will be reduced. However, if high-flavored tea such as Tieguanyin or Narcissus is brewed with too low water temperature, it cannot express its own aroma.

The other is the problem that tea lovers are concerned about - the bitter taste, which can actually be controlled by the water temperature. The water temperature is high, the bitterness and astringency will be strengthened; the water temperature is low, and the bitterness will be weakened. Therefore, for a bitter-taste tea, the temperature of the water can be lowered to improve; in addition to the water temperature, the soaking time should also be shortened.

Water temperature depends on tea

Low temperature (70~80°C)

Suitable for brewing green tea such as Longjing and Biluochun, and yellow teas such as Junshan Yinzhen and Huoshan Huangya.

Medium temperature (80~90°C)

Suitable for brewing green tea such as Liu'an melon tablets; White tea with tender buds that heavy withering but light fermentation, such as white silver needles and white peony; black tea with tender buds, lapsang souchong, qimen red, Jin Junmei, etc.

High temperature (90~100°C)

Suitable for brewing oolong tea, such as Tieguanyin, Narcissus, Wuyi Rock Tea, Phoenix Single Cong, etc., as well as dark tea with relatively coarse raw materials.


Tea soak time in the water. The mastery of the soup time determines the color and aroma of the tea soup. If the soaking time is too short, the active ingredients of the tea are not leached, the tea soup is light in color, thin in taste and low in fragrance; if the soaking time is too long, the tea soup will taste heavy and bitter.


The soaking time can be judged according to the shape of the tea. IIn the case of granulated tea, the first and the second requires a little soak for a moment in order to make it stretch, and the tea taste and tea aroma are released; and for the finely divided tea, because it is soluble The substance is precipitated very quickly, and the soup should be fast, so it is not suitable for soaking.

Lu Xun once said, "there are good tea to drink, will drink good tea, is a kind of Qingfu. However, to enjoy this Qingfu, first of all there must be effort, followed by practice out special feeling."

For brew tea, you still have to try more practice, in order to be more than enough.


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