Drinking rock tea will make you get inflamed. Is this a "rumor" or something else?

Drinking rock tea will make you get inflamed. Is this a "rumor" or something else?

Recently I replenished a lot of new rock tea, but many tea friends say they are afraid of "drink injury" like "getting inflamed".
It sounds funny, but inflammation can be often heard in most Chinese lives.

Swollen gums, mouth ulcers, acne, inner heat, etc., when these symptoms occur, we will use the word "on fire" to summarize all these phenomenons and causes which making us produce bad physical and psychological experience.

In TCM theory, excessive fire is caused by the imbalance between Yin and Yang, resulting in excessive Yang qi and internal heat syndrome. Once on fire, you have to think of a way to remove the fire, so there is a variety of so-called "prescription", and think detoxification can be achieved by drinking green tea because it is said green tea can remove the inner heat.

Wuyi rock tea, because its production process has a shocking roasting process, many people do not know about it, and result in the concern of "drinking rock tea makes you on fire".

Generally speaking, tea's nature is cold and refreshing, it can decrease internal heat. However, rock tea needs to be baked over charcoal for a long time. After roasting, the tea leaves will be heated.

So no matter how much attention we pay to the mountain and craft of rock tea, even though it is popular in the tea circle, it also cannot escape some "doubt".

Whether drinking rock tea makes you get inflamed or not?

Drinking freshly baked rock tea will make you get internal heat because the tea leaves can be affected by the heat of a fire. If you want to drink new tea, you need to wait for three months, after the fire’s subsiding the tea is gentle.

 For newly-made tea, the storage time is short, excessive drinking will cause excessive fire, so it is not good to drink too much new tea.

 We generally recommend customers to drink tea from last year, or even last two years. Teacher Lai Yiting once indicated in her studio that her favorite drink is the last year's rock tea, all the taste you wish to get is just right.

Drinking rock tea makes you on fire, is it related to the production process?

Rock tea is famous for its roasting craft, which is divided into light fire, medium-light fire, medium fire, medium-full fire, and full fire. The traditional rock tea fire craft is more sufficient, the fire smell is rich, the soup color is brown and red, the taste is strong, which is popular in Fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan, Nanyang, and other areas.

The lighter the fire is, relatively not easy to make you inflamed, leave it for about three months to drink. The bigger the fire is, the more likely it makes you on fire. It needs to be put away until the end of the year or the following year when the heat is gone and you can drink.

At present, the common rock tea in the market is more with medium fire, medium-light fire. The aroma of this kind of tea is elegant, soup color is orange and yellow, the hint of fire is not heavy. The subsiding period is around three months, after which the new tea can be drunk.

Medium-full fire tea, full fire tea, the flower fragrance is less, but with more deep lasting appeal, annealing period is usually more than half a year. More fire craft, more durable storage.

Generally speaking, the yellower the soup, the lighter the fire, the higher the aroma; the browner the soup, the heavier the fire, the richer the aroma.

Annealing time reference:
Light fire rock tea, the annealing time is about a month.
Medium fire rock tea, the annealing time is for 40 days - about 50 days
Sufficient fire rock tea, the annealing time is 3 months or so
High fire rock tea, the best period is for a year, last year tea, the fire completely recede, delicate and tasty!

How to judge the degree of roasting of rock tea?
  • First, taste tea soup.
If you can feel the smell of charcoal fire, it is not the best time to drink. Let it stand for a while before you drink it.

● Second, see the color of tea soup.
The redder the color, the higher the degree of roasting and relative fermentation. The tea of light fire is yellower and greener.

● See the brewed tea leaf.
After tea leaf is brewed and spread, the color turns black, brown, red, or appear toad back (because the interior of tea leaf eats sufficient fire, bubble overflows from tea interior, and prop up a small bubble in the tea surface, namely "road back", which show the tea is baked sufficiently, and need to be placed after a long time to drink appropriately.
Therefore, if you prefer high - fire tea, it is best to choose tea every other year.
  • Fourthly, a judge from market time.

Because the production time of rock tea is relatively fixed, rock tea listed in June and July generally has a light roasting, while rock tea listed in September and October generally has a sufficient roasting.
There is a saying that goes, "the right one should be the best." Sometimes, drinking tea makes you get inflamed, just maybe we just choose the wrong tea. If picking the right rock tea suitable for your physique, you not only won't get inflamed but get the effect of a nourishing stomach!


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