What is convergence? What is tea gas?

What is convergence?  What is tea gas?

Hui Gan

As the name implies, it is the process of bitterness that produces sweetness after transformation in the mouth.

It is a taste experience that occurs during the drinking tea process. After bitterness, there is often a sweet taste in the mouth. This phenomenon is called Hui Gan.

After the tea is drunk, it will promote the body's function to secrete enzymes in the throat, which is combined with human saliva and liquid phase, thus obviously felt the sweetness, it is sweetness  will return.

Sheng Jin

Refers to the secretion of saliva in the mouth, including the cheeks, tongue, tongue bottom. In the mouth, Shengjin can relieve thirst and moisten the mouth.

When the sub-health state and the body are uncomfortable, the mouth is often dry and the throat is tight. Only a healthy body has the ability to naturally Shengjin.


The word "convergence" is used by many people, and there are very few people who know what it means.

In fact, with the convergence of bitter tea, astringent related, it is bitter, astringent turn into a strength of the perception of time between sweet.

If the convergence is stronger, the bitterness and astringency are perceived to immediately disappear after entering the mouth, and the shorter the process of turning back into the sweetness; If the convergence is weak, it will fade slowly bitter taste or mouth have been continued with a bitter taste in the mouth.

Hanging Cup

The hanging cup in the wine refers to the time left in the wall of the wine. The slower the wine flows, the longer the hanging time, indicating the higher the sugar content in the wine.

The hanging cup mentioned in tea tasting does not mean the time when the tea soup is hung on the wall of the cup, but the time when the tea aroma stays on the wall of the cup. The more time lasting fragrant rich, hanging cup longer, the better the tea.

Throat Rhyme

Simply put, after drinking tea, the feeling that the tea soup brings to the throat, for example to moisturize, relieve dry sense of tight hoop.

Therefore, the throat rhyme has always been favored by tea friends. For the more experienced old tea customers, the throat rhyme is an important condition for them to judge the good and bad of tea.

Lock Throat

After tea, the throat feels tight, itchy, too dry, difficulty swallowing, etc., can be collectively referred to as lock throat.

The quality of the tea with a lock throat is usually not very good. It locks the bottom of the throat, the hair on the upper jaw, and the hair on the tongue. It is uncomfortable. It is recommended that you avoid this kind of tea.

Tea Gas

 It is produced by the combination of organic germanium and polysaccharides in tea and dissolved in water. Tea gas is easy to appear on old tea, often show a hiccup, warm body fever,light-Khan, and sweating so on.


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