Why does everyone love Zisha pot? What mystery does Zisha pot have when using it to make tea?

Why does everyone love Zisha pot? What mystery does Zisha pot have when using it to make tea?
In order to brew out the most charming flavor, people often say that different tea should be matched with different tea pot because of the different characteristics, which is also the reason why people who love tea all love Zisha pot.

Why does Zisha pot suit to make tea so much? What features does it have after all to make it sit on the throne of tea pots all of a sudden?

Zisha pot's four advantages we have to say
  1. Air permeability of Zisha teapot

    Purple sand(Zisha) has a very special structure -- double stomatal structure. This double stomatal structure is in the fetal soil of purple sand, which is so fine to ensure that our purple sand is breathable but impermeable.

     When making tea with Zisha pot, the tea soup can breathe smoothly with the air outside. Therefore, the tea soup is more active, the oxygen content in the tea is very high.
  2. Zisha pot is made at high temperature

    Nowadays purple sand is generally to be classified to be the big category of pottery , but in a strict sense, purple sand is between pottery and porcelain, a kind of - stone tools.

    We know the firing temperature of purple clay, the main range is usually between 1100℃ and 1250℃, which is higher than that of most clay and pottery.

     The temperature is high, the degree of sintering is high, the raw soil of purple sand is old, all of which make tea soup without soil taste and can ensure it is pure, fresh and cool.
  3. High metal content

    What is the biggest advantage that we say Zisha pot is suitable for making tea? It's the high metal content, especially iron oxide.

    The lower content of iron oxide in different purple sand is from 2% to 5%. The higher ones, like red purple mud or some Dahongpao red purple mud, the iron content can exceed 10% and be 12%- 13%.

    High iron content means that iron oxide has a softening effect on our water quality when brewing tea. Making tea in a purple clay pot with high iron content can help us replenish some iron in our daily life.
  4. The joy of seasoning a pot

    The longer the Zisha pot is seasoned , the brighter it is. This is why many people who love tea pots and literati are keen on Zisha. After a long time, the whole Zisha pot looks like a piece of jade.

    A piece of purple jade, a piece of red jade, which is the fun of brewing tea pot, and it is a kind of fun nothing else can bring us.
One pot serves one tea
Often have tea friends asked: I usually drink different kinds of tea, what kind of Zisha pot should be chosen after all? Some other tea friends ask: one pot serves one tea, it really makes sense?

Teacher Dai Wentao once said: "one pot serves one tea, very reasonable, because different tea has different personality. Some tea, we drink for its aroma, some tea its sweetness, some tea its freshness, some tea its mellowness. Therefore, for different types of tea, we have to match them with different tea pot of different character."

Over the years of trial and error, let me share the years of experience accumulated in the process of matching tea pot with tea.
Light fermentation /completely unfermented tea & Duan mud
Green tea, yellow tea or the new Fuding white tea, the kind of tender teas, we mainly drink its freshness.
From the point of view of choosing Zisha pot, we should choose the pot with wide mouth and flat body; and the pot made of purple sand from Duanni is more suitable from the aspect of mud.

Run of mine, Gold Duanni, Hnawa pot

Duanni has the strongest feeling of grittiness in all the mud, more sand particles creates better permeability.
Oolong Tea & Zhuni(red & purple mud)

Many friends like to drink oolong tea, phoenix dancong, rock tea, Taiwan oolong and so on. Oolong tea we mainly drink its fragrance, from the choice of tea utensils, first of all, we can not let its aroma loss.

Dahongpao bamboo ladle

Among all our clay materials, the purple clay pot of Zhuni has the smallest air hole and the smallest air permeability. It is similar to porcelain but not same as porcelain. Compared with porcelain, it has certain air permeability.

So we make oolong tea with the Zisha pot made of Zhuni, and often find that the aroma almost has no loss, and because of the permeability of the purple sand pot itself, the tea soup is mellower than that brewed out with the porcelain pot.
Black tea & Zhuni (Red & purple mud)
The friends who like to drink black tea basically drink its sweetness, black tea belongs to whole ferment tea, its ferment degree exceeds 90%.

 Similarly, the aroma of black tea is also very high. Based on the consideration of retaining the characteristics of the aroma of black tea, it is also recommended that the red & purle mud is the first choice.

Mini (small but high) Zisha teapot with pear body

In the choice of the height of the pot, try to choose a few tall barrel purple sand pot. When making tea, the purple sand pot with high barrel is better than that with low barrel, especially for black tea, which is fully fermented.
After fermentation tea & purple mud
For tea lovers who like pu-erh tea, especially ripe pu-erh tea and black tea, including aged white tea, we would recommend the Zisha pot as your first choice.
In the whole circle of purple sand, purple mud' air permeability is moderate, very suitable for post-fermentation tea, its dark color and soup color can match each other.

Imitated ancient pear-type Zisha pot made with Zini (purple sand mud)

Some pot friends will ask: as for good air permeability, Duanni’s permeability and stuffy steeping effect is also very good, why not use Duanni pot to brew ripe Pu’er tea and black tea?

 It is important to know that when choosing the clay and pot shape, you should not only consider the characteristics of the clay, but also consider some special conditions in our use. For example, we use a light-colored clay pot to make dark tea, such as boiled tea, which tends to stain the light-colored pot.

Imitated ancient pear-type Zisha pot made with Zini( purple sand mud)

Here to teach you a general grasp of the trick: The lighter the color of the tea with a lighter pot to brew;The darker the tea, the darker the pot.

If master this general direction, the selection of pot is almost always correct!

As for what kind of Zisha teapot is suitable for tea, we hope you can use different clay materials and different types of pots to test and brew different kinds of tea.
Truly to achieve the unity of knowledge and action.


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