Experienced tea lovers often say “spring water VS autumn fragrance”, which one do you love more?

Experienced tea lovers often say “spring water VS autumn fragrance”, which one do you love more?

Experienced tea lovers often say “spring water VS autumn fragrance”, what does it mean?

Spring water and autumn fragrance is a summary of the characteristics of tea in spring and autumn.

Simply speaking, spring water refers to the rich and full taste of spring tea with a good sense of water, while autumn fragrance refers to the tea produced in autumn, which is famous for its aroma, rich flavor and uplifting fragrance.

Many kinds of tea, such as pu'er tea, oolong tea, black tea, will appear the so-called "spring water and autumn fragrance" phenomenon, which is decided by the climate, also by the natural environment for tea plant growing.

What causes this phenomenon?
The content of the substances contained in tea and the synergistic effect between the substances determine the flavor and style of tea leaves, which is also the key factor leading to the different flavor of spring tea and autumn tea.

"Chun Shui”
Spring tea’s growing period is longer. Through sluggish overwintering period of growth, the accumulated nutrient is richer, the brewed tea soup tastes enriching with more substance, smoother and thicker to autumn tea.

The cold tolerance of the middle & lobular species will be stronger than that of the large leaf species. So take pu'er tea as an example, you can feel the difference quite clearly.

Yunnan area mainly grows big leaf tea cultivar which is generally not resistant to cold, so in winter, the tea will enter the dormant period, during which tea plant will absorb the minerals and the nutrient substance generated by water will gather in the bud.

In spring, the weather gets warmer, everything comes back to life and new buds start to grow. In addition, spring is a rainy season, the new sprouted leaves is fleshy and tender, containing various substance like rich amino acid and pectin, making the taste of spring tea is fresh and pure, mild and mellow, which is what the spring water often mentioned by tea friends.

 The essence of spring tea is rich, the tea soup is thick, the taste is stable and introverted, all that is conducive to the late transformation, and that is also the reason why the majority of tea friends prefer spring tea.

“Autumn fragrance”
In autumn, after the growth period and picking in spring and summer, the content of new tea shoots is relatively reduced. Therefore, in terms of endoplasm, the taste of autumn tea is not as strong as that of spring tea.

The climate condition in autumn is between spring and summer. The overall weather is dry and cool. The temperature is higher than that in spring. In addition, with less rainfall in autumn, the water content of fresh leaves in the tea plant is less than that in spring, which is easier to release the high fragrance, so the tea in autumn is rich in aroma.

Sweet with aroma is the trump of autumn tea. Relative less tea polyphenols and caffeine reduce the bitterness and astringency in the soup, but makes the tea soup is more clear and sweet, plus its soft aroma, so autumn tea has a unique taste different from spring tea.

Generally speaking, the taste of autumn tea is mild, with thin and sweet water and enriching aroma.

Spring water VS autumn fragrance, which do you prefer?
The good of spring tea has no need to say, the concept of spring tea has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, some people do not drink but spring tea, do not store but spring tea. Indeed, spring tea contains much more substance, taste more mellow, and later transformation is more worthy of expectation.

But for the people with sensitive feeling, spring tea may be a little bit pungent and strong. However, the soup and flavor of autumn tea will be a little milder, which is preferred to the people with a lighter taste.

What's more, the cost performance of autumn tea is much higher than that of spring tea.

There is a saying: "spring tea is bitter, summer tea is astringent, which one to choose? But autumn whitedews", autumn whitedews means autumn tea.

Many ancient poems also mentioned autumn tea, such as "I keep guest to drink autumn tea which is bitter but easier to charm us than wine"; "The twigs dropt to the ground grows wild chrysanthemum, and the decaying branches break out into autumn tea." "In those farewell days to late winter, we tasted autumn tea together, and the wintersweet in the court sparkled that beautiful time."

Therefore, no matter spring tea or autumn tea, as long as the raw materials is great, processed with fine technology and stored in good condition, are good tea. Drink more, more you can feel the aroma rock tea.


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