Why do so many people love rock tea?

Why do so many people love rock tea?

Autumn is the season for new rock tea. After half year's preparation, most rock teas will be on the market.

| Wuyi rock tea, why it can charm a group of old and new tea lovers?

Among the six major tea types, rock tea, like a tea with varied carrier frequency, can fully stir the taste buds of tea friends with its rich and changing aroma and taste.

 The analysis shows that the aromatic substances and its content of rock tea are obviously higher than other teas. Due to its unique production technology, a large number of aromatic substances have been formed in the process of making, shaking and baking. In addition, the unique natural environment of Wuyi mountain endows rock tea with the characteristics of "flower fragrance with rock bone". Many tea customers joked that "rock tea, a tea you cannot get rid of."

On the other hand, after the fermentation, the nature of the rock tea is relatively mild, and has the effect of regulating qi and removing stagnation. It is very helpful to drink some rock tea when you want to nourish body in autumn.

| Rock tea, with a great variety, Know-how to choose is a must.

 Wuyi rock tea category is numerous, novices may have got confused by only looking at them but not yet started to drink it. Generally speaking, the commercial rock tea on the market mainly differ in the origin of mountain, cultivar, baking.etc..

1, origin mountain, one aspect we have to say.

 Origin is the key to affect the taste of rock tea and the characteristics of the tea.

"Different rock, different tea; no rock, no tea." Different mountain also has its own characteristics. Generally speaking, if the mountain with intenser illumination, the taste of its tea is more bright, lively and dominated, often with the name of peak, rock, eg: Lianhua peak, Matou rock, Foguo rock, Huxiao rock.

Matou Rock
If dark mountains with less light but more humidity, the taste of its tea is quiet and peaceful, often with the names of nest, hole, pit, ravine, such as Zhu pit, Gui hole, Huiyuan pit, Niulan pit, Liuxiang ravine, Wuyuan ravine.

Zhu pit
During these Zhengyan mountains, "three pits and two ravines" belongs to the top level, the market popularity is the highest, the price is also always higher. Three pits are Huiyuan pit, Niulan pit, Inverted water pit; two ravines are Liuxiang ravine, Wuyuan ravine. Generally speaking, for most tea lovers, Different mountain  has its own style and you can pay attention to it when tasting.

2, Cultivar, affecting the taste.

There are rich varieties of rock tea in Wuyi mountain. There are hundreds of native flowers in Wuyi mountain alone, and there are also 70 kinds left. Each variety has its own unique flavor, such as Rougui has a light elegant cinnamon flavor, Buzhichun with spring orchid aroma, Shuixian with narcissus flowers fragrance, and so on.

On market, conventional rock tea mainly refers to Rougui and Shuixian  as two leaders and four big names cluster. If you want to be familiar with rock tea, these basic items are very necessary.

In addition, there are new varieties of rock tea popular in recent years, represented by Yellow guanyin, Golden guanyin, Yellow rose and Ruixiang. These teas are the new favorite of rock tea circle, the most prominent feature is the high aroma, and the different tastes. A crowd of tea fans easily cannot help enjoying its high fragrance! The new teas generally have lower prices, which is both suitable for beginners or as daily drinks.

3, Baking, depending on personal taste.

Recently, a friend of mine said to me: well, rock tea is really not good to drink, a fire burning taste, so strong & bitter. And I was wondering, isn't rock tea a type, the more you drink the more you love ? It is unreasonable to get such bad taste. After carefully asking, it turn out to be a Rougui baking with sufficient fire and brewed by an old tea fan.

Rock tea itself is charming, but the way to show novices is especially important. Among them, baking level is an important factor influencing taste preference.

Rock tea is famous for roasting. The different processing ways differ in light fire, medium fire, medium fire, medium fire and sufficient fire.Traditionally, due to the factors such as transportation time and sales cycle, the production of rock tea is usually done with sufficient fire intensity. The tea is fragrant and tangy, with the characteristics of flower and fruit aroma, strong taste. As more and more rock tea came into the public view, the roasting began to adjust to a medium-light fire.

At present, the common rock tea in the market is mainly made with medium fire, light fire.This kind of tea has a clear aroma and a light burning taste. It is suggested for novices to start from the middle fire, moderate fire tea, and when you get used to the middle one you can purchase the sufficient one to experience the different burning tastes.

| How to make rock tea to taste better?

About the brewing of rock tea,  basically every tea will be mentioned, we all are very familiar with these basic points: " high temperature and high pouring", "fast in and fast out", but to brew a cup of good rock tea more exist in the details.

Water: "water is the mother of tea". The water used for brewing tea directly affects the taste of tea soup. Wuyi rock tea pays special attention to water, and mineral water is preferred (Nongfu spring and Wuyi mountain mineral water are both suitable).

Tea utensil: because rock tea brewing lays emphasis on high temperature, fast pouring, here the main utensil is particularly important.  Although the Zisha pot has the effect of improving the tea soup, for most people, Gaiwan is relatively easier to control the tea soup.The choice of Gaiwan takes the ones with skim mouth and thin edge as top.

Details of brewing: Pouring water along the side, not hedging bowl center (commonly known as "tea leaves", if hedged, tea is extremely bitter);The tea soup is filtered out to avoid leaving some in the bottom, affecting the concentration of the next brewing;Try to keep each brewing with high temperature high pouring, if possible, might as well choose good insulation kettles like copper pot and iron pot.

Additionally, when tasting, might as well "sip", let tea soup and air contact, you can fully feel the aroma of rock tea.


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