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Lao Cong Shui Xian 2022 Spring Tea

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Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian

Chinese: wǔ yí lǎo cóng shuǐ xiān (武夷老枞水仙)

Translation: Wuyi Hundred-Year-Old Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian Oolong Tea

Type: Rock Oolong Tea (Yancha)

Cultivar:  Shui Xian (Shui Hsien)

Tree Age: More Than 100 Years

Origin: Wuyi, Fujian, China

Harvest date: 2022/08/18

Weight: 8g/piece 

Storage Methods: Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone 

Tea Master: Jiang Guiming


The feature of Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian mainly lies in the word "Lao"(Old), which refers to old tea trees over 50 years old. The process of Lao Cong Shui Xian is the same as that of other varieties of Wuyi Rock Oolong tea. Why other Wuyi Rock Oolong teas, such as Da Hong Pao, Rougui, Chelan, and so on, have no such expression? The main reason is related to tea cultivars. Shui Xian belongs to the small arbor, while shrub types such as Da Hong Pao and Rougui rarely have the old fir flavor.

Someone says that the old fir flavor was green moss flavor, and some said it was wood. If let me describe the taste of this tea, I would prefer the wood, the soft of the fir flavor, both charming for smelling and drinking.

The picture below is the Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian tea trees, and the tea bushes are covered with moss.

Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian

 Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian

Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian

Lao Cong (Old Bush) Shui Xian