ChaQi, is it mysterious or enjoyable?

ChaQi, is it mysterious or enjoyable?

Tea friends often drink tea together, whenever drinking good tea, some seasoned tea lovers cannot help but praise: This tea is really full of Qi! From head to foot, I'm steaming here, sweating there, I feel clear all over my body!"

However, even if they speak to the extent that froth is flying, but new tea friends still look at each other at a loss. Feeling puzzled, new tea friends just want to understand where on earth the ChaQi comes from? How can't they feel it?

The word "ChaQi" may sound mysterious at first glance, but it is an important link role in the taste of tea. But why is it that so many people can't experience this important part?

"Qi" in the taste of tea, occupies a very important amount, when old hand talking about the tea, it is an indicator for good tea and old tea.

So what exactly is "ChaQi"?

Li qichang explained in his book with modern scientific theories: Qi is the energy flowing in the body, the physical phenomenon of Qi is "resonance", and ChaQi is the "resonance" of the body felt in the taste of tea.

Each person feels a different "resonance", but when drinking tea with a particularly strong performance, people are more likely to feel one or more of the following characteristics:

(1) Burp, because the tea helps the third harmonic spleen to enhance resonance, make digestion smooth, promote the burp.

(2) Not easy to feel hungry, the energy produced by the tea, will be like the energy produced after the nutrition of food digestion, reduce hunger.

(3) the top of the head or the back of the head sweating, because the tea gas strengthens the sixth harmonic resonance of the bile, may speed up the blood transmission to the head speed, resulting in heat induction.

(4) The whole body sweating, because Qi promote the ninth harmonic resonance of skin, easy to make the whole body breathe smoothly. Also because the ninth harmonic is located in the skin and muscle surface layer, and once the surface layer of the body is hot, and the air temperature contrast feeling is relatively strong, ChaQi will make the whole body feel warm.

In general, when drinking clean old tea and good tea, it is easier to feel the smell of tea: the palms and lungs are hot at the same time, the soles of the feet and kidney are hot at the same time, and the whole body has a sense of ease and comfort.

As for why many tea friends cannot feel the ChaQi, in my opinion, probably divided into these following situations:

1, Lack of guidance. The Phenomenon that ChaQi can warm up body is common in most good teas.

In daily life, perhaps a lot of tea friends do not care. But after sharing the tea with friends who understand tea spirit, and when old tea friends give untiring and sincere guidance, they have the opportunity to experience the mystery of tea spirit.

Most people who drink tea are kind and sweet and are willing to share. Newcomers to the world of tea also have very high sensitivity to tea, but did not meet tea friends around who are good at guidance.

2, Poor internal circulation. The top ten causes of death of modern people, in addition to accidents and suicide, are mostly related to circulation, including cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, high blood pressure and so on.

The circulation of blood is not good, so is the circulation of Qi. If Qi in the body is blocked, then body cannot experience the existence of ChaQi.

3, diet problem. The modern food often incline to heavy taste like fry, plus the pesticide residue on vegetables, the antibiotic in the meats, and all sorts of chemical food additives, all of which makes the sensitivity of the body drop successively, even the change of the body also cannot feel.

A colleague asked after a tea party: why can't I feel the so-called tea rhyme or ChaQi?

This colleague enjoys a heavy diet, and must eat chili every meal. We suggested that she stop eating chilies for a week and then have tea together.

A week later, we found a tea with unique charm and good flavor, which finally gave her a preliminary feeling.

It can be seen that the ChaQi is not mysterious, non-existent, nor can be felt, but most of the time we did not find the right point.

So, next time when tasting tea, I suggest you experience ChaQi with heart and feel the amazing comfort.


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