Outdoor Tour Tea Table


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Jade Bamboo - Ceramic Tea Set

Jade Bamboo - Ceramic Tea Set
Wood - Purple Sand Tea Set

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Total price:$582.30
  • This item: Outdoor Tour Tea Table $275.77
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  • Portable Gas Stove $188.68
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Origin: Dehua, Quanzhou
  • Structure Process: Wooden Craft, Tenon Structure
  • White Porcelain Gaiwan set: gaiwan 150ml*1, tea sea 150ml*1, tea cup 25ml*6, oxford bag 29.0 x 11.0 23.0cm*1, tea clip 14.0 x 2.0cm*1, absorbent tea towel 19.0 x 19.0 cm*1, storage tray*1 individual.
  • Zisha Pot Set: 150ml*1 Zisha pot, 150ml tea sea*1, 25ml cup*6, oxford bag 29.0 x 11.0 23.0cm*1, tea clip 14.0 x 2.0cm*1, drain pipe 0.7 x 0.7 x 60.0*1, absorbent tea towel 19.0 x 19.0 cm*1, storage tray*1.
  • It can be changed into a tea table in seconds, and the tea box and the tea table are integrated design, which can be retracted and placed freely.
  • In your leisure time, enjoy the fun of going out for tea.
  • It is suitable for traveling at home, suitable for drinking tea at home, and can also be carried outdoors.


Customer Reviews

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Portable and fully functional.

The tea tray is very good and portable, and the tea sets are also complete. It is enough to take this set when going out to play. The customer service is meticulous and the attitude is very good.

Good quality and very practical.

The travel tea tray has been received. The tea tray is exquisite in workmanship, and the tea set and tea drain inside. The workmanship is meticulous and the materials are exquisite. Under normal circumstances, invite two or three friends to drink tea together.

It is worth buying for friends who like to go outdoors

The tea table is of good quality, fine workmanship and very practical. It is convenient to use, applicable and easy to carry.