Gaïwan multicolore


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Sancai Gaiwan

Sancai Gaiwan

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Total price:$344.19
  • Matériel: Porcelaine
  • Origine : Dehua, Quanzhou
  • Couvercle bol : 10,5 cm x 9,8 cm, contenance 200 ml.
  • L'avantage du gaiwan est qu'il est facile à contrôler et qu'il est pratique de laver le thé et de gratter la mousse, de regarder le bas des feuilles et de sentir le parfum.
  • Lorsque le thé est infusé, le couvercle du bol est incliné, laissant un espace suffisamment grand pour permettre à l'eau de filtrer les résidus de thé.
  • Tenez le bol du couvercle avec votre pouce et votre majeur, maintenez le bouton du couvercle avec votre index, videz rapidement le bol et divisez le thé à boire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Raya Rose
Good Shape

It is one of the most beautiful utensils I have ever bought!

D Sorowka
Good Size, Good Quality, Good Shape

I use it for white, yellow, green, oolong, black, and puerh teas, and for tisanes, herbs, and seaweed infusions.

Excellent Quality

The craftsmanship of this set is superb. I am very pleased with it. The set looks like the picture and is the size that was specified. The painting is lovely and the quality of the porcelain is very good.

KJM Arkansas
Beautifully Crafted

In appearance, it is better than the photos. It is gorgeous! Like

Deborah W.
Beautiful and Useful

I thought it was pretty, when I searched for this style, and saw this very, very similar color and pattern, I ordered it. I feel very special when I drink my Jasmine tea.