Marteau Motif Cristal Gaiwan


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Modèle de marteau Gaiwan

Modèle de marteau Gaiwan

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Total price:$193.99
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  • Matériau : verre résistant à la chaleur
  • Origine : Dehua, Quanzhou
  • Gaïwan : 10,0 cm × 7,0 cm , capacité 200 ml.
  • La conception de l'olécrâne, l'eau est lisse et l'eau est soigneusement coupée.
  • Bol à couvercle transparent, la soupe au thé est clairement visible et vous pouvez apprécier la couleur de la soupe au thé lors de la préparation du thé.
  • Le motif du marteau à main est battu et soufflé à la main, ce qui rend les ustensiles de thé exquis et uniques, avec un charme unique.

Customer Reviews

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Won’t burn hands

This gaiwan is well worth the money! It’s the only gaiwan I have except some very expensive ones that retain the lid against the gaiwan. Also, the glass will not transmit heat to your hand. The glass is thick and durable!

Claire B.
Very delicate and elegant

I am not exactly an expert on green tea brewing but I like green tea enough to have proper ware for it.
I got this gaiwan because it is just gorgeous looking piece of glassware. It looks fabulous and so inviting that just having it around make me want to drink tea more often.

I love to see my tea brewing. I love to see what I am drinking. Glass is irreplaceable. While I also own other nice tea dishes that are all kinds of ceramic, nothing is quite like seeing as the tea is brewing or as you drink and how you hold a glass cup. I have this gaiwan to accompany my other glass tea ware, glass tea pots and glass cups with saucers and depending on the mood I use them as I please.

This is a nice piece, truly a masterpiece. I checked a lot of different gaiwans before I set for this one,
there are not that many glass ones but the proportions of this and the shape is what captured my heart.
I think I would also like one that is exactly the same shape but could be bigger and thicker glass.
Would be fun to have such as well.

In any case, try it if it looks good to you in picture because in person is twice as gorgeous.

U. Nag
Nice large gaiwan

The glass is thicker than I expected! It looks exactly like the shop photo. Great to watch my tea leaves unfold as the tea brews.

High quality

Good gaiwan for the money. Nice shape for brewing, clean lines in its design. Flat bottom, even rim, thin walls. Good for green tea. Takes a minute to figure out the ideal grip, but once you have your technique dialed in, this is fun and easy to use.

Rim could be slightly more flared, this would allow for a cleaner pour, but overall it doesn't dribble so I can't say it's bad. Lid does a good job of holding the leaf back while the soup pours quickly.

Gorgeous, Functional.

Great beginner gaiwan. The texture on the outside and the spout make it easy to hold and pour from. Nice thick glass. Very attractive visually. Arrived securely packaged.