Dongding Oolong
Dongding Oolong

Dongding Oolong


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Lester: 50 grammes

50 grammes
500 g

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  • Cultivar : Ruan zhi Oolong
  • Origine : Nantou Lugu, Taïwan
  • Altitude : 850m -1100m
  • Date de récolte : 2022/05/25
  • Méthodes de stockage : réfrigéré, scellé, empêche l'humidité, sous vide, seul.
  • Durée de conservation : 18 mois
  • Maître du thé : Lin Zhichun
  • Thé : Thé oolong partiellement fermenté/torréfaction légère
  • Type de thé: type hémisphère
  • Recommandation d'infusion : 1/5 de la quantité de thé, température de l'eau : 100 degrés
  • Nantou Lugu est situé dans le comté de Nantou, à Taïwan.
  • La zone de plantation de thé est centrée sur le sommet gelé de la montagne à une altitude de 740 mètres.
  • Sol humide et fertile pérenne, la plantation de thé Oolong, peu importe la qualité, la saveur ou l'apparence, est le meilleur du thé.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Favorful and tasty

Repeat customer. Nice Tea - and I've been to Taiwan many times.
Some other teas are treated and give me headaches. This product seems clean.

Good Tea

One of the best tasting teas we've tried: very similar to local Chinese tea house Dong-Ding Oolong where they take pride in hand picking their tea suppliers directly from the best Chinese growers..

Michael E. Dillon
Among the Best Oolong

Among the best `Oolong teas I have ever tasted. Would recommend it in an instant to anyone looking for a great Oolong.

this is the real deal

I enjoy the taste. The strange thing about this, is that every now and again I feel like I get a hint of jasmine, although that isn’t listed anywhere. It’s sweeter than the charcoal oolong.

John Doe
Just yummy

Super delicious and not a lot of caffeine - low/med. A perfect Cuppa when you’re out of sorts, don’t forget the honey and this tea can take Buckwheat, it stands strong and stays delicious.