Pot de glaçure de couleur de four Chai


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Pot de transmutation au four peint à la main

Pot de transmutation au four peint à la main

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Total price:$1,357.77
  • Matériel: Céramique
  • Origine : Jingdezhen, Jiangxi
  • Dimensions et capacité : 132,0 mm x 92,0 mm. Capacité 230 ml
  • Remarque : 1, la tasse Zhi Ye purement faite à la main, chaque tasse est unique, pas exactement la même, avec des motifs aléatoires ;
  • 2, les changements dans la couleur de l'émail de la tasse Zhi Ye sont différents. C'est l'évolution naturelle du four en fonction de la température. Il ne peut pas être contrôlé par des personnes ;
  • 3, après avoir été brûlées à une température élevée d'environ 1320, les matières premières sont toutes des blancs de kaolin et d'argile, et la glaçure est une glaçure minérale.
  • Veuillez nous contacter pour confirmer le type et le style de pot avant d'acheter.


Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Chiazza
Cute Little Traditional Teapot

This teapot holds about 1.5 cups of tea. I can fill it to the brim but the spout is at an angle so tea doesn't leak out. I brew my Chinese tea in this pot exclusively.

Good little teapot.

The teapot (which I have admittedly used for only two cups of tea so far) has been great for my first time brewing loose leaf tea!
Holds eight fluid ounces quite nicely, has a nice calming look when put on a table near the bed, looks elegant in a humble sort of way, good little teapot all around.

It's Perfect for good tea!

I recently decided to cut out soda and go to what I truly love, tea. This teapot is a great traditional style Chinese teapot perfect for making Chinese or other tea's. The built in filter works perfectly and gives the tea leaves enough room to expand properly. It makes 2 of the Asian style tea cups perfectly. I would highly suggest this teapot to anyone who loves tea, or as a good gift for someone who loves tea.

Smaller than expected, but great craftsmanship.

I love this teapot. It is easy to clean and is very cool. I thought I would be able to pour a few teacups communally, but it turns out this is just for single cups only. It works great for my own morning tea meditation, so far I’ve brewed Yerba mate, green tea, and pu erh tea in it. They’ve all worked great and been easy to clean up.

Avalon Pont Lezica
Adorable, and Nice Pour!

And this suits my needs perfectly. I've been brewing only Chinese tea and the pour is great for my flash steeps. Tea turns out delicious. And if I rinse it out by the next day, it's fairly straightforward to clean. All in all, very pleased with the purchase.