Antique Begonia Tea Boat
Antique Begonia Tea Boat
Antique Begonia Tea Boat

Bateau à Thé Bégonia Antique

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Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Bateau en verre glaçure verte

Bateau en verre glaçure verte

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  • Matériel: Porcelaine
  • Origine : Zhangzhou, Fujian
  • Dimensions : 17,5 × 13,5 × 8,0 cm
  • kai pian en fil d'or antique, glaçure de verre exquise;
  • Notez que les produits sont tous mesurés manuellement, ce qui comporte inévitablement de petites erreurs de taille.
  • L'ancien métier apparaîtra sous forme de pores individuels, de points noirs et de ridules, ce qui est un phénomène artisanal normal.
  • L'ouverture du plateau à thé en porcelaine cristal glaçure, glaçure verte tranchée.
  • La vaisselle a été remplie de glaçure vert rose, renouveler la couche de glaçure, ouvrir la tranche densément, tout autour, toute une verve de hallebarde.

Customer Reviews

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John LeQuire
Very nice tray

Love this! This elegant ceramic tray has a nice weight to it and seems to be well made. I feel so fancy using it to brew my tea and it enhances the experiance for me!

Judith T
Works well in narrow space

It works well for the space I have available to sit my teas, strainers & cups. I didn’t realize it was ceramic until I received it.

Judy T.
I love it yet too expensive

I love it but it’s too expensive
Otherwise I’d like to buy few more pieces 🤣

Screen Tea, Inc.
Nice little tray

Nice looking, as pictured. Enjoy using it.

Ike Windler
Useful for loose leaf tea drinkers. A little expensive for what it is

If you drink a lot of loose-leaf tea, sometimes you need to shake the teapot to get it all out, or sometimes the cup overflows. This contains all that liquid off your counters.
I bought it because it's ceramic and therefore washable while most trays are not washable bamboo.