2005 Aged Loose Tea Shoumei
2005 Aged Loose Tea Shoumei

2005 Aged Loose Tea Shoumei


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

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  • Chinese: fú dǐng lǎo bái chá
  • Translation: Fuding Age White Tea
  • Type: White Tea
  • Weight: 100g
  • Cultivar: White Tea
  • Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China
  • Harvest Date: 2005/05/20
  • Storage Methods: Sealing、Moistureproof、Avoid light
  • Shelf Life: More than 10 years
  • Tea Master: Wei Weijian
  • Gaiwan Brewing: brew directly with boiling water, you can control the ratio between old white tea and water to about 1:50.
    Rinse the tea first, then brew it again to soak the tea leaves, put out the tea soup after a minute, and drink it slowly after cooling down.
  • Cooking Tea: aged white tea has a particularly strong foam resistance, and it can be cooked in a pot after brewing.
    If you want to drink old white tea, you can take 10~20 grams of old white tea, put it directly into a clean health kettle or health pot, and then add an appropriate amount of water to heat and boil;
    Continue to decoct for 5-10 minutes. After boiling, the tea soup is obtained by filtering. The tea has a strong aroma and a sweet taste. It can be drunk directly after cooling down.

Customer Reviews

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A bang for your buck

I give this 5 stars for its price and taste I’ll be honest the aroma is faint but the taste is definitely worth more than it be sold for if you ask me I would expect $15 more dollars for such a tea and it last quite a bit gongfu style you buy this tea you won’t regret

Hon Kit Wong
Shou Mei Aged White Tea

Raw, the tea did not smell as pleasant. Once steeped, the aroma was very nice with a sweet honey-like and floral smell to it. The taste is light with a bit earthiness, and a reminder of sweetness to it. Very good change of taste from what i usually drink.

CuriosiTEA Leaf
Pungent aroma, smooth, earthy, tangy

The aroma is strong enough you smell it through the paper. Very pungent and sharp that peaked my curiosity even more so. Impressed with the packaging. They put it inside a sealed bag you can store to keep from light and potential moisture. the bag also has the English label. The cake is about 4 inches in diameter. Full leaves, dark color similar to Puher leaves. (supposedly aged for 8 years) you CAN tell it is aged because the leaves maintain a "dry" texture even after steeping. They don't get "spongy" they remain stiff.
Tea liquor is very light at first in color and clean. The sharp aroma pulls through the flavor profile. It is an earthy sweetness, but with a tangy punch due to aging. Unique profile for a white tea. I've been on a white tea kick for a while. This is a big contrast from a green leaf white tea like from Tian Hu Shan (also a good tea) For the price, it's very much worth the adventure. Not top grade, but definitely interesting. I would recommend this if you are a fan of aged teas. I have actually updated to add that I just purchased ANOTHER cake to store for the future.

Lucius Trav
Beautiful aroma and mood generator

Lida sent me a free sample of this tea. I loved and started craving it, so I ordered a cake of my own. Beautiful aroma and mood generator. Thank you I recommend.

Aryae Coopersmith
A very special white tea

This is a very special white tea. I brew it Gongfu style in a gaiwan, as I brew my other teas -- pu-ehr, oolong and green. For this tea, about 4 mg in a 100 ml gaiwan, at about 205℉, works best for me. If you're also a serious tea lover, you'll appreciate the fruity aroma and the smooth, fruity flavor. And at this price it's an excellent value.