Colorful Peacock Gilt Jianzhan Pot


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Dragon Egg Pot

Dragon Egg Pot
Si Ting Pot
Long Spout Pot

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Total price:$312.71
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Origin: Dehua, Quanzhou.
  • Popular Elements: Chinese Court Style
  • Process: High-temperature firing + Gilding
  • Dragon Egg Pot: 12.5 x 9.0 cm, capacity 150 ml.
  • Si Ting Pot: 11.8 x 9.0 cm, capacity 150 ml.
  • Long Spout Pot: 13.0 x 8.5 cm, capacity 150 ml.
  • Colorful, every angle has a different color.
  • A filter ball hole inside the teapot is perforated in one piece to filter tea dregs effectively.
  • The round pot handle is easy to handle and ergonomic.
  • The traditional hand-gilt technique is adopted, and the raw ore glaze is transformed into a natural kiln, as colorful as a peacock opening its screen, giving the teaware more vitality.

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