Bodhi Pattern Kettle
Bodhi Pattern Kettle

Bodhi Pattern Kettle


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Vintage Bodhi Pattern

Vintage Bodhi Pattern

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  • Material: Copper
  • Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong
  • Capacity: 1200 ml
  • Size: D17 x H22 cm
  • The body of the pot is covered with bodhi patterns, which look unique.
  • Boil water in a copper pot, which has good heat preservation and can make the taste of good tea brewed thicker, fuller, and smoother.
  • Each copper pot is made through multiple complicated processes and thousands of smelts.
  • Reminder: If the copper pot with fine craftsmanship is not used for a long time, put it aside and put it on the wall or corner. In the wet season, the water vapor will accelerate the corrosion of the copper pot, so it needs more nursing on weekdays.