What on earth gives autumn tea its soul?

What on earth gives autumn tea its soul?

Drinking Tea, just like eating fruits and vegetables, should see the seasonal terms.

By all accounts we’d better drink green tea in spring, white tea in summer, oolong tea in autumn, black tea in winter, but all that is said to the layman to match, most tea friends do not abide by.

For example, although it is said that drinking oolong tea in autumn, but when it really comes to autumn, most tea lovers prefer white tea to flush inner dryness and relieve agitation.

White tea | an economical warm man in tea class

White tea is sweet and bitter, a neutral one. Tea friends have their own preferences in drinking tea, but few of them pick too much faults from the white tea.

White tea, more like applicable male, with good character, moderate, not extreme & indulgent, suitable for beginners, also suitable for senior tea friends. In a word, it exists as a type of "sunshine male" in tea class.

In a credible and scientific way, white tea is rich in theanine, which, together with tea polyphenols, has good effects like heat-clearing and detoxification and can prevent evil dryness.

However, it is really not lovely to say this, because all that are from the tea book. Ordinary people do not emphasize the efficacy of drinking tea, nor there is the doctor's advice that "three times a day, one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening, three days later you will recover".

The warmth of white tea is accumulated over time, the new tea is mild and fresh, and the old tea is rich and mellow.

Autumn is dry and cool, no matter the body or mood, need a white tea to flush and nourish.

Sweetness | Life is so bitter, needs a cup of sweet.

When it comes to the sweetness and bitterness of white tea, Wang Shizhen said in Xiangzu Note, " Teas’ distinction exists in its special bitterness, if you take the sweetness from tea, how can it be better than that in the soup of sugar cane, ginger and jujube ?’’

It sounds reasonable, but different tea, different bitterness, and different surprise, every kind of food has its unique sweet flavour, which cannot be generalized to be one sweet ending.

After several brewings, tea flavor fades away, one colleague is partial to this kind of sweetness, so we always ask her to enjoy the ending taste.

When a lot of people are drinking some tea, if bitter, someone will frown and hesitate to swallow, "a little bit bitter", and then politely say, "but can accept", if sweet, he will nod and even say"good tea, good tea".

When evaluating the sweetness and bitterness of tea, although we do not say whether it is good or bad, in our hearts we acquiesce that bitter is not good, and sweet is good. This is probably the shallow cognition of those of us who do not know how to drink tea.

We always need time to adapt to the strong tea suggested by tea master like Mr. Chen gang.

Hu Zhufeng wrote a sentence in the book of drinking autumn tea, " Life is busier and harder, no more leisure to taste tea”.

Autumn is dry and cold, no matter the sweetness or the bitterness of old and new white tea can cure the seasonal uncomfort. To boil or brew out a cup of good tea is still a better way to get relief from the busywork every day. 

Brewing | according to the book, not to the character of teas.

Many tea friends follow Teacher Chen gang's suggestion to make tea, but still cannot feel its sweetness, either thick or too bitter, which makes them very upset, like echo to Autumn.

If the bitterness comes from moderate brewing and just right, that is the true taste of tea, if not, it is really awful bitterness.

Although according to the instructions to make tea, but we often feel difficult to get the right way.

Tea sets, brewing methord, water temperature, experience, intention, all these can effect the flavor of tea, and the differences can be tasted out.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable for us to take the trouble to give advice on brewing every kind of tea. No matter how good the tea is, it cannot stand the brewing by someone without any experience.

The porforming in each step is flexible, because the suggestion is just a template, we can adjust the flavor of the tea according to personal taste, which is just the same as adding seasonings when cooking.

To avoid bitterness and prefer sweetness is the human instinct. Drinking tea in Autumn, we‘d better not to feel the bitterness intentionally.

Although some people say, when drink tea to the end, the taste is blindly bitter. But we generation don't have too much heavy life experience, one cup after another, we still can get the taste to sweeten and warm our hearts.


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