Engraved Dahongpao Pot


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Antique Teapot

Antique Teapot

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  • Material: Zhuni
  • Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu
  • Process: Full handwork man-made teapot (with filter holes)
  • Specifications: caliber 3.3 cm, high about 7 cm, capacity is about 290 ml.
  • After each use of the teapot and cup, the body of the teapot and cup should be wiped clean.
  • If the pot is not in use temporarily, clean the inside and outside of the pot and store it in a place with good ventilation. 
  • Zisha teapots should not be wrapped and sealed, as it is easy to cause "spots" after being closed for a long time.
  • Not only will the purple clay teapot not be worn and scratched, but on the contrary, it will become as jade-like as it has absorbed the tea oil in the tea soup, which makes people fond of it.
  • A variety of minerals and trace elements in purple sand mud have health care for the human body. In an increasingly busy life, you should use a good teapot to drink tea!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Great clay teapot

    This teapot is good for just one cup of tea, which is what I wanted it for. I can make the tea by the cup and enjoy it. It has a lovely etched design on it. It is perfect for my needs and I am enjoying using the teapot.

    Marcel Paulus
    sehr schön für den preis

    Ich habe mir die Kanne für meinen Pu-Erh Tee bestellt.
    die Verarbeitung finde ich für den Preis absolut super.
    Beim einfüllen muss man nur darauf achten, dass das obere drittel der kanne nicht zu voll gefüllt wird, da die kanne sonst tropft, aber das ist ja generell eher so.
    klare kaufempfehlung für Pu-Erh oder Oolong trinker, da der ton schnell den eigengeschmack der teesorte annimmt und deswegen auch nur für eine teesorte benutzt werden sollte, da es sonst zu geschmacklichen veränderungen kommen wird beim aufgiessen

    Great tea pot

    Nice tea pot for the money. Makes one cup of tea, nice workmanship, easy pour.

    Nice functional teapot

    This teapot came fast and just as described: made of the fine Zisha purple clay, holds just over nine ounces, pours well with a nice fitting lid. It may not compete with the fine artists’ creations, but for this price it can’t be beat. Nice response from the seller only helped make this a great transaction.

    Nice reasonably priced pot

    Good pot for everyday use.