Outdoor Camping Stove


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Title: Separate Gas Stove

Separate Gas Stove
Gas Stove + Aluminum Pot
Gas Stove + Ceramic Pot

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Total price:$215.50
  • This item: Outdoor Camping Stove $117.85
  • Travel Teaware Gift Custom $97.65
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Origin: Fujian
  • Stove Power: 2000W
  • Packing: Portable PU Outer Bag Set
  • Stove Net weight: 325 g
  • Stove: D11.0 x 7.0cm
  • Aluminum/Ceramic Pot: 14.7 x 5.5cm
  • Capacity: 800ml Aluminum Pot; 700ml Clay Pot.
  • The pure blue flame of Gathering Energy focuses the heat and burns fully, and it takes only 3 minutes to boil a pot of water.
  • Rotary firepower adjustment knob, large on the left and small on the right, easy to control.
  • Electronic ignition is quick and safe, just pull the ignition paddle down and you're done in a dozen.
  • Use wind flow to improve flammability and let the wind be a combustion booster.
  • Small, high load-bearing, 5kg, 20cm diameter pot, very stable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sadek Molla
Nice compact stove

I wanted a small compact stove for my solo road trip adventures and this stove seems to fit my needs. I like how it's has a stable base and a large enough top so I can use an 8" frying pan without worrying about the whole unit tipping over. I bought a separate adaptor so I can use a 1lb propane cylinder. One thing to note is that the entire stove will remain hot after cooking. I takes approximately 10 minutes for the whole thing to cool down enough before you can pack it away with your bare hands. This should not be a problem since it should cool down after finishing your meal. But if you're in a rush to boil some water for coffee on the road, then expect to wait about ten minutes before you can pack it away. I have a small Stanley pot that I use to boil water and it's just under 4 inches in diameter and it barely fits the top of the stove so I have to balance it correctly or it may tip over. Just keep this in mind if you plan on using smaller cooking sets. The small knob to adjust the flame is works well. I am happy I bought this portable stove.

Duranta Nandi
Nice for car camping

I car camp, but I try to go minimal. This stove is obviously too big for backpacking, but it's a pretty super choice for one-pot meals (my forte!) Really good control of low-low flame that I use for my mish-mosh concoctions that benefit from a long slow simmer. Great stability for the larger pot or skillet. Also boils that liter of water you need for the French Press pretty quick--but all butane stoves do that pretty well, don't they?

Kaminer Liran
Great product

Great product, always makes people react to it in awe. because it just do the job. used it many times, love it.

Worked great

Only used for one backpacking excursion so far but it did what it was supposed to do for lighting camp stove. This came in real usefulness on may last trip as I needed to use with a new stove that had its own self igniter that stopped working.

Madhab Thakur
The best you can get

No, I didn’t get the stove for free in exchange for an “honest” review. I bought it with my own money. The stove works great. Perfect. It’s built like a tank. No leaks. Great carrying case too. MoriMaTea is really underrated as a company. They make great stuff.