Why is brew tea in the rainy day not fragrant?

Why is brew tea in the rainy day not fragrant?

1, The air is humid and the tea has a high water content. In the rainy season, the air humidity is relatively high, the tea leaves are easily damp, the water content is increased, the aroma is lost, and the tea is soaked with moisture;

2, Low pressure affect people's sense of taste and smell. Many people should have experienced the 10,000-meter high-altitude aircraft. There is no taste when eating. This is because the air pressure is lowered, which makes the person's sense of smell and taste "temporary failure."


In 2010, Lufthansa commissioned a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Germany. The results showed that the sensitivity of the taste bud to sweetness and saltiness was reduced by about 30% at the same time of drying and low pressure. The feelings of sour, bitter and spicy are basically unaffected.

Although the air humidity increases on rainy days, but the surface pressure becomes low, resulting in varying tea flavor, the taste of subdued bubble tea, bitter taste significantly;

3, The water temperature is easy to drop, it is difficult to inspire the tea aroma. Brewing Pu'er tea, the water temperature should be high to stimulate the tea fragrance; in the rainy days, the temperature of the water can not be burnt very high, and it drops quickly, and the air is hot and humid, the tea fragrance is more difficult to be released.


What environment make Pu'er tea "lose incense"?

Tea does not taste good. Sometimes it is not a problem with the tea itself. The environment will have a certain impact on the aroma of the tea.

▶ High altitude area

The pressure tends to decrease with increasing altitude, and the boiling point of water will also decrease, making it difficult for tea to release aroma;

▶ Poor air quality

Drinking tea often requires a relatively clean space. If the air is less fluid, or there are other strong odors, it will also affect the tea aroma.


How to make tea better in rainy days?

▶ Anti-moisture in advance

Before the arrival of the rainy season, the tea to be drunk should be stored in a container with good air tightness, such as pottery, earth, purple sand pot, etc. These containers can keep the tea storage environment dry and lock the tea aroma. The effect of the weather on the aroma of the tea is reduced when soaking; 

▶ Select the tea set

Brewing tea with a tea set with good air tightness can maintain the temperature and better stimulate the aroma of the tea;

▶ choose a certain number of years of tea

Tea is still new conversion stage, and the impact of the environment on it is obvious. And after years of conversion, taste the flavor changes stabilize, the aroma can build up in the experience of time, adapted to changes in the external environment, the impact on the tea itself is slowly increasing less sensitive.

▶ keep the water temperature hot

After two or three times brew tea that need examination the water temperature, if the cup is not hot, it needs to continue heating the water. Alternatively, you can brew a few times, and then on the teapot electric ceramic stove brewing, so as to maximize tea aroma.


Whether it is drizzle or heavy rain, as long as the "homework" is done well, you can also take a cup of good tea, listen to the rainforest and fight the leaves, and enjoy the tea life.


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