How to choose a suitable tureen it?

How to choose a suitable tureen it?

Mr. Lu Xun wrote in the article "Drinking Tea": "Drinking good tea is to use a cover bowl. So use a cover bowl. Sure enough, after soaking, the color is clear and sweet, slightly fragrant and bitter, it is a good tea."


  1. tureen as "san cai bowl", the lid represents the sky, the tray represents the earth, and the bowl represents the person, which is consistent with the combination of heaven and humanity in Chinese traditional culture.
  2. The six major teas can be brewed with a tureen.
  3. In assessing the tea, usually using a tureen, because the tureen can show the true condition of the tea itself, it will not make the tea lose the tea fragrance, can clearly see the tea soup color and leaf bottom situation.


The most important thing is the material

There are a lot of tureen on the market. For those who are just getting started, they may be attracted by some fancy but not practical tureen. Please keep calm.


Try to choose white porcelain, the white porcelain cover bowl is a must for people.



The capacity of the cover bowl is selected. The capacity is 80~300ml. Generally, two to three people can choose 120ml. If some leaves are relatively large, you can choose a bowl with a larger capacity.


Gainiu and bowl edge

Gainiu is relatively high means that the distance from the finger to the lid is long, so it will be not easy to scald your fingers.

When the gainiu is low, it is easy to scald fingers. Of course, the comfort of the hand holding is also considered.

Similarly, bowl edge also selected as extending outwardly.



For the cover bowl, the shape of the bowl generally refers to the size of the bowl belly. Abdominal small of the cover bowl, heat accumulating poly incense will be better for brewing temperature requires a relatively high tea, such as oolong tea.


Abdominal large of the cover bowl, more rounded look, relatively speaking, the relatively poor heat focusing ability, and it is suitable for brewing temperature requires a relatively low tea, such as green tea.


Cover bowl the thickness of the bowl wall

Especially for friend who have just touched the tea, scald your finger is a necessary process.You can reduce the risk of burns on your fingers by choosing a cover bowl. Just choose a suitable cover bowl with a thinner sidewall and a faster heat dissipation.


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