Antike kleine Terrine in Pastellfarben


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Stil: Wu Fu He Shou

Wu Fu He Shou
Qing Hua Shuang Xi
Qing Hua Wan Hua
Qing Hua Chan Zhi Lian
Qing Hua Wan Shou
Xiang Yun
Lotus Blume

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  • Material: Keramik + handbemalt
  • Herkunft: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi
  • Abmessungen und Fassungsvermögen: 7,4 × 7,4 cm, 100 ml.
  • Die handbemalte Deckelschale hat eine glänzende Glasur und eine einzigartige ölige Haptik.
  • Die kleinen schwarzen Flecken auf dem antiken Schlamm sind charakteristisch für den Schlamm und kein Mangel.
  • Die Größe jedes handgefertigten Produkts ist etwas anders, was normal ist.
  • Pastellporzellan ist neben der Emaille eine andere Art von farbigem Porzellan, das vom Qing-Hof hergestellt und gebrannt wurde.
  • Halten Sie die Deckelschale mit Daumen und Mittelfinger, halten Sie den Deckelknopf mit Ihrem Zeigefinger, leeren Sie die Schale schnell und teilen Sie den Tee zum Trinken auf.
  • Beim Aufbrühen des Tees wird der Deckel der Schale abgeschrägt und lässt einen Spalt frei, der groß genug ist, damit das Wasser die Teerückstände herausfiltern kann.
  • Der Vorteil von Gaiwan ist, dass es leicht zu kontrollieren ist und es bequem ist, den Tee zu waschen und den Schaum abzukratzen, auf die Unterseite der Blätter zu schauen und den Duft zu riechen.

Customer Reviews

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J. Stoops
Quality Gaiwan

Purchased to replace a broken gaiwan and didn’t want to wait forever from a different platform. This one came intact in a cardboard box. It’s a heavier thickness porcelain, so it holds heat well. I like it for shou and white teas. Found it easy to handle and don’t burn my fingers with it.

Great value, beautiful hand painted design

Having to go non/low caffeine (histamine intolerant/MCAS issues) I've started learning about white teas and how to prepare them. Sun dried vs steam etc white tea leaves are much gentler on your belly and also need to be treated more gently when brewing. That's where the Gaiwan teacups come in.

Brewing at about 190° F vs boiling water, the tea leaves steep in this teacup then you tip the lid a bit to either drink directly from the teacup or as I do pour into a small drinking cup.

This particular Gaiwan teacup is my favorite of all I've tried!
The lovely hand painted design ("Bird" is so delicate and refined!) is simple and beautiful, adding to the serenity of your tea drinking experience. The porcelain itself is not so delicate as to break easily (lost a different one within a week!) but it's definitely fine enough not to be considered cheap junk. The lid fits well enough that I accidentally created a vacuum; fits snugly, yet tips easily for pouring or drinking. The cup itself has a nicely bowed rim that enables easy pouring and its bottom fits well in the raised lip of the bottom bowl. It also is gold free (brick red painted on edges, not gold) so if your water cools too much it's easily nuked in microwave. (I know it's not kosher but I'm lazy.)

Very pleased with this teacup ensemble! Shipping from China was actually surprisingly fast. In CA within 10 days! Carefully packed in bubble wrap and styrofoam so no chips or cracks whatsoever.

Of the 3 Gaiwan teacups I've bought this is my favorite! Highly recommend!!!

Gracie Appelt
Great Gaiwan!

I didn't read the description well enough and missed the part where it said that this is a pack of two gaiwans - but it was a lovely surprise. Paired with some excellent, straight from a tea farm and ethically sourced tea from companies like MoriMa tea, this is a great gaiwan to have. I really enjoy my morning tea routine now!

Michelle Schroeder
Nice quality, works well for one's morning tea

Nice product and well packed! This is my first ceramic Gaiwan. It has a nice thickness to it and all the pieces fit nicely. The lid will stand upright when placed in the base.
This comfortably holds at least 100m.

Great product

Nicely balanced, easy to hold, excellent quality, and very enjoyable to use.