Ancient Tree Golden Needle
Ancient Tree Golden Needle
Ancient Tree Golden Needle
Ancient Tree Golden Needle

Goldene Nadel des alten Baums


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Gewicht: Probe 10g

Probe 10g
50 g

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Total price:$212.32
  • This item: Goldene Nadel des alten Baums $7.78
  • Farbiges Glasur-Gaiwan-Set $177.27
  • Messebecher mit Zinneinlagen $27.27
  • Chinesisch: chūn chá yún nán gǔ shù dà jīn zhēn
  • Übersetzung: Frühlingstee Yunnan Ancient Tree Golden Needle
  • Typ: Schwarzer Tee
  • Sorte: Yunnan Dianhong
  • Herkunft: Lincang, Yunnan
  • Zutaten: Tee aus großen Blättern von Yunnan
  • Erntedatum: 16.04.2022
  • Aufbewahrungsmethoden: Versiegelt, Feuchtigkeit verhindern, Vakuum, Allein
  • Haltbarkeit: 18 Monate
  • Gaiwan-Brauen: Gießen Sie zuerst heißes Wasser ein, um das Teeservice, den Gaiwan und die Teetasse zu reinigen;
  • Geben Sie dann 5 g Dianhong Golden Needle Tee in den Gaiwan;
  • Nachdem das Wasser zu kochen beginnt, kühle es leicht auf etwa 90 bis 95 Grad Wassertemperatur ab und brühe dann (die Wassertemperatur sollte nicht zu hoch sein);
  • Gießen Sie kochendes Wasser in den Gaiwan, decken Sie die Schüssel nicht länger als 5 Sekunden ab, lassen Sie die ersten 1-6 Mal einweichen, ohne stickig zu werden, gießen Sie die Suppe direkt aus und trinken Sie sie;
  • Beim 7. bis 14. Sprudel beträgt die Brühzeit 10 bis 20 Sekunden, danach verlängert sich die Brühzeit jedes Mal (je nach persönlichem Geschmack).

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jennifer Kahn

This big golden needle is amazing. Full of complex dried fruit aromatics, and with a similarly unique and complicated flavor. Highly recommended!

Decent flavor and great value

The tea buds are golden yellow and fluffy, and as soon as they are opened, there is a honey fragrance rushing towards them. The tea leaves are clear and clear, the taste is pure and pure, and the aftertaste is endless. The leaves are complete, full of weight and bright in color.

Earlene Nader
Delicious and great tea

Tea delicious, fragrant, liked. Even with prolonged insistence does not become bitter and tart, like some red teas, but remains tasty and interesting. I ordered another one at once. I was especially pleased with the quality of the package-at 11 of 10, for the first time I get so well-packed tea-the level is straight for the delivery of goods to the space being calm for the safety of the tea leaf :) I sincerely recommend the seller, thank him and wish him abundance and prosperity. All nice tea :)

Efficient service and highly recommended

This is some of the freshest tea I've ever purchased. It also arrived about 2 week after I bought it - super fast shipping and A+++ quality tea! THANK YOU!

Elad Drolyag
Favorite type and brand

After brewing a cup, the taste is very positive, the color and fragrance are complete, the cord is very good, very complete, and the sweet taste is very charming. After one sip, you can't stop, drinking one cup after another.