What's the trick of raising the teapot?

What's the trick of raising the teapot?
Zisha pot is one of the indispensable tea set for many tea lovers. One of the most popular features of Zisha pot is that through tea drinking and maintenance, it will become increasingly warm and gentle like people.

We often say that Zisha pot is full of life and spirituality. In addition to its innate nature of mudiness and craft,the maintenance in future also plays a decisive role.

However, in daily use, the people who can make good maintenance for Zisha teapot are really not many.
Accidentally, you raise the pot to be dirty or with uneven color, can only envy those masters who nourish the pot to be gentle and reserved, noble and elegant.

To nourish your favorite Zisha teapot to be with warm light and tea fragrance, one should not only have enough patience, but also need master certain skills.

First of all, we should understand a common sense, the raising of Zisha teapot is commonly known as the patina with unartificial light, its color is warm and moist, dark and elegant, which is Zisha’s most natural state after nourishment .

If the result is not ideal, the main reasons are as follows:
1. The body is waxed or overpolished;
                2. It is either a grouting pot or a hand-pulled pot.
The first kind is the pot body has been processed, the second one is the water glass is added with special techniques. These two kinds of pots are born to be quite bright, so they don't produce much change when they are nourished in using.
Zisha pot itself is full of sand feeling, with plain or even rough surface & heart before used. Mud and craft are the basis of whether a pot can be raised smoothly.
The formula of raising pot: frequently brewing & cleaning, ventilating and drying.
The formula is the key to ensure that the Zisha pot will not grow dirty or with uneven color, and it is also the most basic and universal method.

Many tea lovers like to pour the tea soup on the body of the pot or use the small soft brush to wipe it. There is nothing wrong with this.However, when cleaning the surface of the pot, don't keep rubbing,just use tea towel or fine cotton cloth to wipe it gently.
 The lid, spout, handle and other parts of the pot may have little contact with the tea soup, and may be slightly different from the body color, so in the maintenance, do not miss to take care of these parts one by one.

Choose the right tea according to the nature of the pot.

Teapots with different clay materials have their own properties and tempers. Tea leaves should be brewed according to the characteristics of the pots.

Take the Duanni as an example, its permeability is good and easy to absorb tea soup, but generally, the color of Duanni pot is relatively light, if brew the deep color tea such as black tea or ripe Puer, its body color is very easy to grow uneven if not pay attention to cleaning.

Therefore, the Duanni pot is still suitable for matching green tea, white tea and other teas with lighter tea soup.
If conditions allow, try to brew one tea with one pot, do not mix.

Because of its special stomatal structure, Zisha pot is good at absorbing tea fragrance. Mixing brewing tends to produce tainting, affecting the aroma and taste of tea soup.
Cleaning daily,drying naturally.

Whether it is a new pot or an old pot, clean the wax, oil, dirt and tea coloring on the body before raising

Do not use dishwashing liquid or any chemical to soak the Zisha pot.
Every time the tea is finished, the tea leaves should be removed and clean the pot in time.

It's better to flush the pot again with hot water, pour the water out, face up, and let it dry naturally while it's hot. The inversion causes the vapor to condense in the pot.

The Zisha pot should be dried naturally and not exposed to the sun.

To rest and be nourished.

The more tea is brewed, the more tea is absorbed by the pot. When the clay is absorbed to a certain extent, it penetrates the surface of the pot and gives it a lustrous, ruby-like luster.

However, after frequent brewing for a period of time, the pot needs to rest and to be completely dry naturally, then the essence and nourishment of tea can be better absorbed when reusing.

Be calm and expect change.

I put this point last because it is more of a mental exercise than a pot raising exercise.
Drinking tea and raising a pot is inherently a good way to get calm and peace.

Never be eager for quick success and quick profit with a rush move but lost the original intention of raising pot.

The most important thing of raising pot is to feel its change slowly in the daily tea drinking, the best state is to become warm and gentle with your Zisha pot with each passing day.
The maintenance of Zisha pot really needs time and patience. Only when the mud material, craft and maintenance method are appropriate, together with the nourishment of tea soup and the care of tea lover, can the unique soft moist color be release, the beauty of shape and structure blossom, the gentle and humble, dignified and stable literati charm show.


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