Beast Noodle Stove

Beast Noodle Stove


Encounter a heart-warming tea container, taking a sip or two of light and elegant tea in the middle of a busy schedule; between touch and vision, clearly comprehend heaven, earth and people of nature and ingenuity.

Style: Rui Beast

Rui Beast
Melon Petal

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  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong
  • Rui Beast Copper Stove: diameter 14.5 cm, height 13 cm, total width 19 cm;
  • Copper Gourd Stove: diameter 15 cm, height 16 cm, total width 19.5 cm;
  • The antique texture of each furnace is unique and the color will become darker;
  • Uses: display, boiled tea, ornaments;
  • Ethnic traditional crafts are simple and natural.
  • Tips: Use charcoal to boil water to make tea, the copper color will be black Oh! If your mind, please use our alcohol lamp!
  • Boiling water on a charcoal stove can keep the water in a boiling state all the time, which is conducive to the brewing of oolong tea.
  • Boiling water on a charcoal stove is a meditative process, without the mania of an electric kettle, and the whole afternoon is quiet and warm.
  • Making tea around the charcoal stove is not only because of its warmth but also because of its randomness and freedom.