First love taste

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First love taste
First love taste

In the fragrance of the cherry blossoms on the campus, I said goodbye to you in memory. At that time, we were at the same table. It was not long before I realized that I was very shy. Whenever you say "thank you", Your cheeks will become red and red, like the colorful cherry blossom petals.

Later, we became familiar with each other, become best buddies. We were inseparable, we have set a secret signal together.

You often come to school with a scented tea, because you said that you can drink this tea, as if you can see the lilac in the garden. It seems that in the impression, you most like lilac flower, and also have a faint flower fragrance.
You leave without saying goodbye, go to the far north, it is my turn to fall in love with this lilac-flavored tea, not because I like the garden lilac, but to miss you in memory. The soft sweetness of the tea and the feelings of the two of us at that time, carefully selected tea, full of rich, mixed with the faint lilac flower flavor in the mouth, became the touching in my impression memory. This is what I think the first love should have. Sip a cup of tea, as if you are by my side, it seems to be back to the day me were taken to the park to enjoy the flowers, walk with you under the cherry trees in the spring, the petals are flying.

Because its taste is as good as ever, it will remain unchanged for a long time, and it will be soft and mellow. But it won't be too thick and too greasy. When it comes back to the throat, it is a scent of lilac flowers. The excellent natural tea can bring such a mellow and smooth taste, just like you in memory, it is a figure that I can never forget.

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