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Tieguanyin Oolong Tea of XiangHua Village 2017 autumn tea

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Anxi Tieguanyin
Anxi Tieguanyin
Anxi Tieguanyin

Chinese:ān xī xiáng huá tiě guan yīn(安溪祥华铁观音)

Translation: Anxi XiangHua Tieguanyin

Type: Oolong

Cultivar: Tieguanyin

Elevation: 1000m – 1200m

Origin: Xianghua Village, Anxi, Fujian

Harvest date: 2017/10/12 (Autumn Tea)

Storage Methods: Refrigerated, Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone

Shelf life: 18 months

Tea Master: Lu Wei

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