Dian Hong Golden Pagoda 2022 Spring Tea

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Dian Hong Golden Pagoda 2022 Spring Tea
Dian Hong Golden Pagoda 2022 Spring Tea
Dian Hong Golden Pagoda 2022 Spring Tea

Chinese: 2022 chūn chá yún nán fèng qìng diān hóng jīn sī bǎo tǎ jīn yá (2022 春茶云南凤庆滇红金丝宝塔)

Translation: 2020 Spring Tea Yunnan Fengqing Dian Hong Gold Wire Pagoda

Type: Black Tea

Cultivar: Yunnan Dianhong

Origin: Lincang, Yunnan

Ingredients: Yunnan big leaves tea

Harvest date: 2022/04/28

Storage Methods: Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone

Shelf life: 18 months

Dianhong also is known as Yunnan black tea, black tea is a famous tea variety on the market.
Gold silk pagoda Dian hong black tea, hand-made black tea made from Fengqing premium black tea, is not easy to break, easy to carry.


The color is golden, the strip is complete, the strip is tight, and the bud is strong.
The color of dry tea is golden and moist, and the golden essence is particularly obvious. The inner quality soup is bright and translucent, the aroma is fresh and high, and the taste is thick and fresh.
Tea soup hanging cup, crystal clear, round and smooth, fresh and fragrant like honey, is the top grade in Gongfu black tea.


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