Red Heart Whitewater Guanyin 2022 Spring Tea

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Red Heart Whitewater Guanyin 2022 Spring Tea
Red Heart Whitewater Guanyin 2022 Spring Tea
Red Heart Whitewater Guanyin 2022 Spring Tea

Chinese: bái shuǐ guan yīn(白水观音)

Translation: Whitewater Guanyin

Type: Oolong

Cultivar: Tieguanyin

Elevation: 1100m – 1350m

Origin: Baishui, Anxi

Harvest date: 2022/04/29

Storage Methods: Refrigerated, Sealed, Prevent moisture, Vacuum, Alone

Shelf life: 18 months

The appearance of Whitewater Guanyin did not originate from innate geographical factors, such as tea tree varieties, cultivation environment, or soil, which is different from the traditional Tieguanyin. But it was formed accidentally due to the lightness fine manipulation of green tea leaves during processing. As the saying goes "You may get it by chance, but not effort."

This tea is made of ancient traditional techniques. The key lies in the material selection and production process. The raw material is autumn tea, and fresh raw leaves picked 7 days before and after the “Cold Dew”, and the tea trees must be picked only once a year. Ensure that the leaves of the tea tree get adequate nutrition.

In terms of the production process, when stir-frying this kind of tea, it is fried with local pine wood and rocking of the green leaf by hand. In addition, the time for making tea is also very particular. They have to make tea between 5 am and 6 am the next morning.

The origin of "Whitewater Guanyin"
Yuan Mei recorded in "Suiyuan Shidan": "Taste the world's tea, the first is the one that is grown on the top of Wuyi Mountain and the white color of the soup is brewed." Baishui Guanyin was born.
Whitewater Guanyin, the highest special grade Zhengwei Tieguanyin.

Black sand green color zeu, and the dry tea particles are covered with a layer of hoarfrost. The dry tea makes a sound when it is placed in the cup, giving people a heavy feeling.

The reason why Baishui Tieguanyin is called "white water", as the name suggests, is that its main feature is the tea soup, that is, the color of the tea after brewing is close to the color of "white water".
The biggest feature of "Baishui Guanyin" is "Baishui Youxiang", that is, the tea soup is light and white like water, the aroma is pure and elegant, which is amazing.

The leaf bottom is soft and thick, the leaf bottom is fresh, mainly dark green, and the leaves are shaped and elastic. It feels as smooth as silk or as smooth as a baby's skin.

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